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Hello girls,

I don’t think I’ve ever before written about any jewelry on my blog, but there’s a first time for everything. Recently, I ended up ordering some of the jewelry together with the rest of my Zaful order, so, in case, you are fans of jewelry, I think you might like this post.

There are periods I don’t even wear jewelry at all and then there are periods when I wear it too much. To be honest, what I like the most are necklaces, bracelets and rings. So, all the jewelry you’re going to see in this post was ordered from the Zaful web shop and I’m going to put all the links under each photo in case you’re interested in something. The jewelry in this web shop is more than affordable and it really looks the same as it does on the photos.

Geometric Fake Gemstone Drop Earrings – Golden


First thing I ordered were the earrings. Earrings are really something I wear on rare occasions, but I ordered these because I liked them a lot and I was searching for some blue rhinestone earrings. They look exactly the same in reality like they do on the photos, maybe only this blue part is a bit darker. The big plus is that they’re light so you won’t even feel you’re wearing them. They’re beautiful, but, like I already said, I wear earrings not so often and, in the end, it’s the same with these.

Price: 3,44$

Faux Gem Fringed Chain Bracelet Set – Golden


The second item I ordered were these bracelets, that are currently sold out, but they restock them often so there’s still a chance that they are going to be available again. In case you like something on this page, and it happens to be sold out at the moment, then you can click on the: “Notify me when available” and when they restock the supply you will get a notification email.

This set contains 5 bracelets that look identical like on the photos. Each bracelet is separate so you can easily combine them how you like. So, you also don’t have to wear all of them together, if you don’t like it. I’m wearing them often and I think this is a good “catch” 🙂

Price: 3,05$

Rhinestone Moon Multilayered Necklace – Golden


The last thing I ordered from this web shop was this necklace and I couldn’t stop wearing it ever since it arrived. I really like it a lot and it’s totally my style, as they say. I used to have one very like this one which was bought in H&M, but I lost it somewhere when we were moving so this one really came just right. The only thing I don’t like with this necklace, but also with the other ones like this one, is the thing when you’re not wearing it, it gets tangled on regular basis. And then I’m having trouble with untangling. It was made of 4 pieces and they’re all connected.

Price: 3.23$

If you like jewelry like this and you wouldn’t like to spend too much money buying it, then I would recommend Zaful web shop because I’m more than pleased with the things I got. Just a tip, I’m sure you’re all aware of, don’t soak this jewelry or try to go bathing with it because you’re going to ruin it for sure.

What kind of jewelry do you like to wear? Do we maybe have some favorites in common?



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