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Lately, I’ve had a couple of offers for cooperation, so, today, I’m also giving you a review of another order I made.

This time it’s about the order from the YOSHOP web page and you could’ve seen their eyelashes already in THIS post.

For today I chose a purse and a dress. One of the two I really, really like a lot while the other one not so special is. Continue reading and find out what I’m talking about. All of the things I ordered arrived in about 10 days from the order date, perfectly packaged. I’m really not sure if any of the pages you order from do their wrapping and packaging with so much care so none of the things would come in damaged.


First, I’m going to write couple of the things about this purse, because this was the product that I really, really liked. Like I already wrote in the beginning, this product came really perfectly packed and it also had another layer of protection on it in the form of a linen bag so it wouldn’t get damaged. There were no bad smells, in fact, this bag still smells like leather.

I really like these smaller bags, which have just enough room to fit in my keys, wallet, cell phone and lipstick. It’s exactly the same like you see on the photo. This is a leather bag, dirty pink in color with a metal gray part where you close it. You also get the strap with it and it was separately packaged. This bag really looks solid and firm and very good in quality which really is something I’m very delighted about.

Price: 24.69 $
You can order it HERE!


The other thing I ordered is the dress and I’m not so thrilled with it. I was thinking I’m going to make some kind of a fairy tale post considering how it’s the wedding season and maybe make help you with the dress choice, but somehow, I don’t think I’m going to help with that after all 😀

This dress, same like the bag, comes perfectly packaged in a special linen bag. The upper part of the dress is cotton and it’s very nice, and the bottom part is polyester. Maybe it’s a bit also my fault because I was very much aware that polyester really isn’t the best material, but very often I end up not having any trouble at all with it. The problem I’m having with this dress is that the bottom part not so rich and dreamy is like you see it on the photo, but it only hangs down when you put it on. If it were richer and somehow wider I think that this dress would really look much better, but like this it only looks cheap. The underskirt is white which also bothers me a bit because it would be so much better if it were the same color like the dress. Regarding the size, I took S size and the measurements are ok for the length, but the upper part is maybe a bit too big and wide.

I’m really sorry, but this dress and me just didn’t click right together.

Price: 19.46$
You can order it HERE!

I’m really satisfied with the purse and the eyelashes I ordered from the webpage and I really recommend it if you like it. Another big plus is the speed of delivery and really great packaging of the products. This page also has a lot of other different products so I would definitely recommend you to go and have a look ?

Did you already hear about the YoShop web page? How do you like these things here? Until my next post, I’m sending you all lots of kisses :*



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