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Today I’m going to write about 4 products I got months ago. I believe how you’ve all very familiar with this brand, especially for its lipsticks that are an excellent dupe for the Mac lipsticks. But they also have a lot of other different things and only recently I’ve noticed how you can buy this brand in the Bipa drugstores. I also noticed how their product stand was nice, tidy and very clear. Today I’m going to write about four of their products, which are: blush shade Fantastic Plastic Pink, lipstick in the color Will you be with me?, eye liner and Ultimate brow highlighter.


This highlighter has a soft, pink color, its’ almost white. It’s really creamy, very good pigmented and it’s very easy to apply. I’d say this is a multifunctional product because you don’t have to use it as a highlighter only, you can also use it as a base for the eyeshadow and for the waterline also. I didn’t use it as a highlighter because I have a yellow sub tone so it doesn’t work good on me. It’s definitely for girls who have pink or a neutral sub tone and I think how they would really be satisfied because it will define their eyebrows really well in case you’re not drawing them out.

Price: 37,90 HRK


The ones among you, who have been following me for a longer time now, know how much I adore eye liners and I’ve tried really a lot of them, so this was maybe the product from the package I was looking most forward to try. This eyeliner really resembles a marker and what also reminds me of a marker is the black color intensity, which, really is a true delight. It’s black that you can’t find it blacker. So, it’s really pigmented and long lasting and what’s also a plus, regardless of the pigmentation and the durability, it’s easy to remove. For the ones among you, who are just starting to get to know how to use eyeliners, maybe the tip like this one will be a problem, but, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it very fast.

Price: 37,90 HRK


Wet n Wild blushes I’ve already tried before and I was pleased with them. This is one lovely color, but somehow, I don’t think it’s for my sub tone, although when the winter comes, it could fit me better than now. So, I was wearing it only for the purposes of the testing. It has a silky texture, it’s a bit less pigmented than the other shades, but you can always upgrade it with other shades. I can’t say much about the durability because I have the feeling how all the blushes I wear, last until I remove my makeup and that’s also the case with this one. It’s a nice pink shade that will fit mostly girls with a lighter complexion. It has a lot of glitter in it, but they won’t look aggressive on your face. You can the glitter the best on the first photo where all the products are together.

You also get a brush in the box, but it won’t do you much good.

Price: 33,90 HRK


You have to admit how the Wet N Wild has really cool names for their products, right?

This lipstick has a really great pigmentation and it’s easy to apply. It simply glides and to me, one layer was enough. It’s hydrating and there’s no way it’s going to dry your lips out. It won’t survive food but only drinks it will survive and it will last for about 4 hours without any touching up. I’m definitely going to look up for other different colors they have because I really think this is an excellent product. The only minus point is the packaging because it seems pretty fragile to me.

Price: 14,90 HRK

What did you already try from the Wet N Wild cosmetics? Which product has piqued your interests?

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