Vineyard Style – OOTD



I’ve been writing couple of times now on my blog how summer time is my favorite period and I really enjoy the sun and heat. But, my fashion combinations are always similar. I like to wear breezy summer dresses, overalls or, like in today’s combination, short pants combined with some cool top that’s going to uplift the whole outfit.

Top with open shoulders and back have been a hit for the past two seasons and, I didn’t stay immune to them. This shirt, or better said, this top was also ordered from the YoShop web page and they have my every recommendation because they’re fast and the shipping is free. All the things your ordered arrive in the 15-day period.

I really like how it looks on me and how it fits me and I think I’ m going to wear it often. The photos were taken in one village, couple of them in vineyard, couple of them next to the house so it was interesting to take photos on these old locations.

Shorts: H&M
Sandals: Arnotts
Sunglasses: Guess

How do you like this combination? What do you like to wear during the summer?



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