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Hi there, my dear ladies,

We continue with the decorative cosmetics because I see you like posts like these, and it would be a true shame for me to cut you short. At the beginning of October, this very much awaited Smoky palette arrived, that was a gift from me to me for my birthday, which is at the end of this month. To tell you the truth, this is my first Urban Decay palette, because the first three ones were containing eye shadows which I already have in palettes so it was senseless to spend my money on those. And now let’s continue with the review.

urban decay naked

When the palette arrived, I was really positively surprised by the size and the bulk of the packaging itself. The palette is really big, but really also beautiful and somehow fancy It closes with a help of a magnet, which I find it’s a real nice surprise. It has a set of 12 eye shadows, and each has the weight of 1,3 grams. It was bought on Feelunique page, and the price is 38 £.

urban decay naked smoky

This palette I bought mainly because it contains the shades I can use for my daily makeup, but also for my evening one, considering the majority of my palettes is mostly adjusted for the daily looks. And now, with this one, I can do both.

As I already wrote, this palette has 12 eye shadows with shimmer, satin and matte finish. All of them are really good pigmented and without a base, except for the Radar shade, which is on my opinion a bit less pigmented. Also, every shade is color upgradeable so you can easily intensify it. They are extremely easy to blend, and only for the shades High and Armor, I noticed that they slightly crumb. I’m really ecstatic with the matte shades which are really great pigmented and they not like powder at all, like matte shades usually are. They seem so light and buttery and I love to wear them. On the photos are swatches without any base, and on my eyes, I’m always using a base, so the eye shadows are really durable. I’ve worn them most for 8 hours and they still looked great as they did when I put them on. Although, I have to mention that with a base foundation, even the bad eye shadows last long for me.

urban decay naked smoky recenzija

With the palette, you also get a small brush which works really great with these eye shadows and this one you can really put in for a good use instead of throwing it away like you usually can with most of the palettes.

And now, a couple of words about each color.

First 6 shades

HIGH – shimmer shade with glitter, champagne color and to me seems ideal for the inside of the eyelid.
DIRTYSWEET – bronze shimmer shade, something between light bronze and gold. Really good pigmented.
RADAR – light – brown shimmer shade, which is, in my opinion, too low pigmented and feels somehow harder than the other two shades that are really easily applied.
ARMOR – grayish shimmer shade with glitter that crumbles slightly.
SLANTED – another gray shade that is a bit reminding of a blue shade, although you don’t see it so good on the photos.
DAGGER – dark gray shade I’d say its matte at first, but it has a bit of glitter in it.

Other 6 shades

BLACK MARKET – black satin shade, one of my favorites.
SMOLDER – dark purple shade or dark plum shade with a satin finish.
PASSWORD – taupe matte shade, also one of my favorites. Awesomely pigmented.
WISHEY – brown matte shade. One of the beautiful brown matte shades.
COMBUST – real matte nude shade. All of these matte shades are really really beautiful.
THIRTEEN – light beige matte shade.

Is this palette worth the money you pay for it and do I recommend it?

I know this palette is expensive, but it’s really of good quality and it will be in constant use in my makeup department because it has everything I need for my daily and my evening makeup. If you only temporary use makeup, Makeup Revolution and Sleek have really good palettes so you don’t have to spend so much money on them.

Do you like Urban Decay as a brand and do you have any of their palettes?


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