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urban decay naked


If you’re reading my blog on the regular basis, you probably noticed in my last New In, how, about a month ago, I bought this Urban Decay face powder. By the way, I wrote how I’m true to the MAC face powders for years now but I also am a bit tired of them and this is why I decided to change the face powder I use and it happened that I opted out for this one.

For starters, I’d like to write what I’m looking for in a face foundation I use for my daily makeup. It has to be extremely light but still has to have pretty good coverage, it’s not supposed to dry my face out and it shouldn’t cause any irritation on my skin. I’m really not a fan of those heavy foundations which make your face feel like you put concrete on it.

This powder comes in a nice plastic bottle with a pump, in the amount of 30 ml. The expiration date, after you open it, is 6 months. The price is €34,50, and I bought it in the Debenhams. You still can’t find it in our stores but you can easily look it up online.

The texture of this powder is very liquid, I don’t think I ever had such liquid powder in my hands before. Regardless to its very liquid texture, even with one layer you get a very good coverage and it managed to hide all of the small irregularities on my face nicely, like the redness and small pimples. To the ones among you, who maybe need a better coverage, a good thing is that you can add another layer and easily upgrade it like that. You won’t get a completely full coverage, but you can surely get a nice even one. The powder is light on your skin and it doesn’t feel at all like I’m even wearing it and this is something I really like in a face powder. Another good thing is that it’s very easy to blend the layers together.

There is a really large choice of shades, I think everyone among you will find a shade that will fit them. I took the shade number 5. The shade that was lighter than the number 5 was exactly in my skin tone but I wanted to take it in one shade darker. It doesn’t oxidize and it won’t change the shade and after an hour, it really blends in with my skin so nicely that I’m more than satisfied with how it looks. And on the photos, it looks really amazing.

I’d say, this powder was made for normal or dry skin because it makes your skin look radiant and fresh. I wouldn’t recommend it to girls with oily skin because I think it would only make your face get oily faster. I’m really not sure how it reacts in case you have problems with your pores because I don’t really have any problems with that.

The permanence is great. I had it on the longest for 8 hours and it always looks good, although I also use rock powder so I’m sure that it lasts as long as I need it.

First time I’ve used it, I had a slight reaction and I ended up with a couple of pimples the next day, but it also doesn’t have to be cause of this product, it could also be my PMS, and it never happened again after that first time. And I’m really using it almost on the daily basis.

This powder doesn’t have a sun protective factor, which is maybe a flaw, but then, for the base you can simply use the creams that have sun protective factors in them and the problem is solved.

For me, this powder is really great, my skin likes it really a lot and I don’t plan to change it any time soon.

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