URBAN DECAY Naked Heat Palette – Review


A long-anticipated review is finally here! A lot of you asked me about this palette the moment I bought it and about what I think of it and how it was and, I think now, after two months of using it, it’s time for a review. One thing is sure, I could’ve typed one even sooner, but things didn’t work out like I wanted them to. I think this palette was put on the market in the beginning of July and when I was coming back to Croatia, I saw it on the airport and so I ended buying it.

It’s really no secret how much I like Urban Decay cosmetics and when I saw that this Heat palette is coming out, I knew I wanted it simply because it has all the colors I like and use daily. And I wasn’t wrong, because, from all the palettes I own, this one was the one I used the most in the last two months.

Naked Heat palette was inspired by the sunset, so it mainly contains warm red, brick-red and brown shades. This palette contains 12 eyeshadows and each of them has 1,3 grams. The expiration period is 24 months. You can buy it over the Feelunique web page for the price of € 47,50.

The look of the palette is gorgeous and I won’t be describing it too much. Instead I’m going to get right into describing the colors and I’m going to give it my best shot to get the description as accurately as I can.

OUNCE is the first and the lightest color in this palette. I use it always after I apply the primer on my whole eyelid and when I finish the whole look on the section right under my eyebrows. Ounce is a light gold, beige shade with a slight shimmer. It’s pigmentation level is very good and it doesn’t crumble.

CHASER is also one of the colors I use for my whole eyelid to fixate the base. It’s a shade between beige and light brown with a matte finish. It doesn’t crumble and it’s soft, almost buttery to touch. It has great pigmentation and it’s easy to blend together with other colors.

SAUCED is another shade with matte finish and it’s a mix between brown and orange. Its pigmentation level is great, but this color crumbles when you use the brush, but nevertheless, it’s very good when you try to blend it together with other colors and I think it’s also a great transition shade.

LOW BLOW is a very similar shade to the Sauced color but it’s a bit more brownish than orange. The pigmentation is also great like with Sauced, but the difference is that this color doesn’t crumble at all. It has a matte finish. I also like using it as a transition shade.

LUMBRE is this beautiful copper shade with a golden shimmer. This color works best if you apply it with your fingers because it has much higher pigmentation level.

HE DEVIL is a matte red-brown shade. Its pigmentation level is great, it’s maybe a bit harder than the other matte shades, but nevertheless, it’s very easy to blend with other colors.

DIRTY TALK is, along with Scorched, one of my favorite colors. It’s very soft and it seems a bit metallic somehow. This shade also looks a bit copper, but it contains also orange, red and brown. It crumbles only a bit so it’s ideal to be applied with fingers but then it’s also very high in the pigmentation level.

SCORCHED is a color that is very similar to the Dirty Talk shade, but it’s a bit darker and maybe slightly more red. It also has a metallic finish and its pigmentation level is great.

CAYENNE is a dark brown with matte finish. This shade crumbles slightly, but nevertheless, it’s nicely blended together with other colors and it’s easy to work with. Its pigmentation level is weaker than with the other ones but you can easily upgrade it with other colors.

EN FUEGO is a dark red-purple (plum-like) color with a matte finish. It’s harder and a bit drier than the other colors, but I like it really much no matter those things, because I think this color is really special.

ASHES is in the texture also a hard shade, something like En Fuego and regardless to the fact that it’s lovely, it’s a bit harder to apply and to blend. It’s a dark purple-plum shade with a matte finish.

EMBER is a color I’ve been using the least, although it’s really beautiful and ultra-high in the pigmentation level. And, to be honest, I’m not even sure how to describe this shade. It’s a dark purple with a copper-olive shimmer. In fact, this is maybe the shade with the most quality and I’m sure I need to play with it a bit more to get its true magic.

Altogether, I’m more than satisfied with this palette which you can also see from the fact that I’ve been using it all the time. These are, like you would say, my colors and in case you like warm tones, then this is the palette you should have. A couple of colors crumble a bit, but that didn’t show as any trouble. The pigmentation level is great (although I bought the Juvias palette recently which is most definite the highest one pigmented from all the palettes I tried out so far) and the colors are also easy to blend together, except for the El Fuego shade which is a bit of a problem. Honestly, I think in the pigmentation level, this palette is by far much better than the rest of the Naked palettes so, in case any of you tried it out, please, share your impressions with me.

The only minus I’m giving this palette is the fact that it doesn’t contain any lighter shade, like maybe some yellowish-golden shimmer shade for the inner corner of the eye so you can give even more effect to your looks.

Did you try the Naked Heat palette? Do you like these kinds of warmer tones?


  1. I like the look of them but I know I just don’t wear them so I’ve decided to pass on it for now. I love my Naked 1, 2 and 3, and they get a pretty good work out.


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