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naked 3

I believe, you’ve already read more than a dozen reviews about this palette like also for the other Naked palettes, but I decided to dedicate a couple of my next posts to the palettes so I somehow decided on random to start with this one. And maybe it could also be because for the last couple of weeks I’ve been using only this palette. Naked 2 and 3 palettes I got as a gift from my husband and I can’t describe you how lucky I felt because these are the colors I like the best and wear them the most. Now, I’m only missing the Naked 1 palette, but I don’t intend to buy it yet because I’m not so itchy for it now, and I also would like to get some of the other palettes 😀

naked 3 recenzija

Naked 3 palette comes packed two times, first you have the card board box and inside you find the tin box which has Naked 3 written on it in golden letters. It contains 12 eyeshadows, 1,3 grams each, and one brush, and, in this box you additionally get the eyeshadow base testers. The packaging is solid and somehow it seems to me even more solid than the Smoky palette’s. Inside of the palette, you’re going to find also a big mirror, but I must admit I haven’t used it so far.

naked 3 swatch

Most of the colors have this slight pinkish tone which is maybe better suited for a colder sub tone, and considering how I’m the complete opposite to the cold, I’m satisfied with how they look on my skin and I’ve always loved to use these pink shades along with the brown ones.

naked 3 paleta

The eyeshadows are easily applied and they blend together nicely, but they also crumble a bit. Some of the colors more, some of them less, but it’s nothing really that awful. In fact, the color that crumbles most is the Dust shade which is also a little bit lower in pigmentation level because of its shimmer. The rest of the eyeshadows, I think, are great in the pigmentation level, especially the last five colors (Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart). If you’re using eyeshadow base, then they’re going to last long and they will wear off only when you decide to take them off. I also tried them without the eyeshadow base and then they lasted for about 5 hours but then I noticed they started to fade and slightly disappear.

I’m not going to describe each color separately because I think the swatches I made are pretty true to what they really look like, but I’d like to highlight some of the colors I like the most.

urban decay naked 3

LIMIT – light pink matte shade which works great as the base eyeshadow for my whole eyelid.

NOONER – another matte shade that is something between pink-brown and even maybe violet shade that I also used the most for my whole eyelid.

LIAR – to me personally, the most favorite shade and somehow, I’m having trouble defining this one because it shimmers in more than one color. It has a metallic finish, and the color is something between pink, mauve, and if you apply it only lightly, to me it looks also like peach. I think this is really a special shade.

MUGSHOT – another metallic shade, brownish-pink, also with a nice glimmer.

urban decay naked 3 swatch

I think all the colors are beautiful, but these four are really my favorites and I could wear them every day without getting tired of them. So, this palette has only 3 colors with matte finish so, if you’re more of a fan of that kind of finish, then I don’t think you’d like this palette very much, but if you like everything a bit then this is really something for you.

This palette was bought over the Feelunique web page for the price of 50 €, but you can always use a discount or two to get a better price deal. I think the price and the quality ratio are good and the Urban Decay eyeshadows get my every recommendation because I think those are great in quality. And another thing I like a lot is the fact that I can combine every color in this palette because I just love shades like these.

Which ones are your favorite eyeshadows and do you own any of the Urba Decay palette?


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