TESTER BOX – Products and My Impressions


Hello everyone,

I have to admit I’m running a bit late with this post because soon the new boxes will start to arrive, but I wanted to write a couple of words about the first beauty box in Croatia.

I used to order the Lookfantastic boxes before and I was really pleased with their content, and then I suddenly got bored with it and I stopped ordering them. The surprise factor wasn’t interesting for me anymore. When I heard about our tester box, I decided to order one because I like to support ideas like these, because someone put an effort in all of this in the end and that effort should be rewarded for sure.

The delivery of the package was really great and from what I heard, the girls got theirs the same day. My package was received by my husband because I was away, so he delivered it to me after two, when I already knew what is inside. So the surprise factor definitely wasn’t there.

The box is really lovely, black, elegant and will for sure be put to a good use in storing away some nail polishes or some other cosmetics. Inside the box there’s a card with a quote from Audrey Hepburn, and on the backside there’s a list of all the things you could’ve get inside of the box.

What I got in mine is:

1. Nivea hair foam for volume 50ml
2. Nivea hair spray for volume 50ml
3. Alpstories lavender body milk 50ml
4. Amika Perk up dry shampoo 21.3g
5. Apivita lip care with honey 4.4g
6. Neoviderm skin emulsion 5ml
7. Roc pro-correct anti-wrinkle 3ml
8. NovExpert two testers

I can’t really say I’m pleased with the products, but still I’m not really displeased because I know this is only their start. What bothered me is that there’s nothing from the decorative cosmetics inside (to me lip balms are not a decorative cosmetics).

From all of these products, I think I’m gonna try the dry shampoo and the Novexpert mask. Body milk not because I’m not a lavender fan, Nivea styling products I don’t use, and regarding the Apivita balm, it looks like it’s really old (it stinks and really smudges badly).
All praise to the people that put in the effort on this project and I hope it gets better and better and I’m really sorry a lot of them got negative comments on their boxes, but that is how the things work. You never really know what you gonna find in the box.

When I’d do a compare between Lookfantastic boxes and this box here, I have to admit that the Lookfantastic boxes are much much better because they have really amazing brands you can get trough them and I love to try out those products, but they are also lacking on the decorative cosmetics really badly.

Am I going to order antoher box?

Next month surely not, because I have a ton of gifts I have to buy. But I’ll give this project a chance in the future for sure because I hope they’re gonna acquire a lot more collaborations and the boxes will be much richer.
So, to conclude: I’m giving a plus for the organization, delivery, a nice box and a minus for the box contents.
Price: 100 Croatian Kuna.

Did you buy your Tester box and are you satisfied?


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