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Hello my lovelies,

Back in the summer, I got this small Technic cosmetics package, which left me really thrilled. And, now, it’s finally time, after couple of months of using it, to share my impressions about this product. Of course, this could’ve been done even sooner, but there’s simply too many things I would like to write about, and you already know I’m posting two times per week and I simply can’t do everything I’d want. But, like this, you can really be sure I tested this product thoroughly and that my impressions will be completely honest J


First thing I wanted to write about was this palette, because this one you’ve asked the most questions about ever since I put the photos on Instagram. This palette casing is made of plastic and contains 12 eyeshadows, 1.5 g each. The expiration period is 36 months.

Among these eyeshadows, only the first one is matte and all the rest are shimmery. Personally, I prefer that my palette has a mix of mat and shimmer eyeshadows so I’m able to get a complete look, but when there isn’t that combination, I just deal with what I get. The first 6 eyeshadows are pretty low in the pigmentation level, and among this there’s a minus, it happens that the first, second and fourth color are pretty much alike. The texture of most of the eyeshadows is a bit weird and, honestly, I never encountered this type of texture until now. They’re not even crumbling, but it’s more as if it falls of somehow in chunks. Really, really weird and because of this they may seem smudgy when you try to blend the colors together. I really don’t know how to describe this differently. The other 6 colors are, in fact, lovely shades and it’s a bit easier to work with them.

I also did the swatches of all the colors so I’m not going to explain each color separately because, then this post could easily go on forever. So, this palette completely flunked in my book.

Price: 4 £.


I think you all already know how much I love highlighters and I like them to be visible from outer space if possible. But, that’s only me, most of the people prefer that subtle glow, and this is one of the things you will definitely get with this product. On the days when I don’t feel the need to glow very much, I really like to use this highlighter. Beautiful, soft pinkish shade which, I think, goes really well with the combinations in this fall/winter period when my skin isn’t tanned so much. You can also upgrade it if you want a higher glow.

Also, I like to put this highlighter on the part under my eyebrows and I find it really works great for that.

The amount you get is 5 grams, the expiration period is 36 months.
Price: 3 £.


This would, most definitely be, my favorite among the Technic cosmetics. This mascara is waterproof and I’ve been using it the whole summer period and you can bathe while you’re wearing it, dive and it still won’t budge at all or get smudgy. And, another good thing is that it’s easily removed with a two-phase make up remover. The brush is made of silicone and it really separates and curls your eyelashes nicely. And it also gives you slight volume boost. I’m weird when mascaras come in question, but this one really passed all my tests. I don’t like when my eyelashes look as if I had spider legs instead of lashes and this is not the case with this mascara, which is indeed a huge plus for me.
Recently, there was a total hype around the L’Oréal Paradise mascara which, I think, was a total fail. I think this one tops it ten times.

Price: 2,44 £


Juicy Stick is another product which positively surprised me. It’s a lipstick in the shape of a small thick pencil, which is not something really new, but I really like the texture of this lipstick. It matte, and then again, it’s really comfortable on your lips and it’s easy to apply. The shade is nude pink, mauve maybe which to me is a total hit. It won’t survive some of the greasier dishes, but if you only drink, it will last up to good 5 hours.

Price: 2,49 £.

Technic cosmetics can’t be ordered from their official web page, but there are a lot of other pages that are selling their products, so here I’m giving you the LINK where you can take a look at their products. Because of this, the prices vary so, don’t hold this against me if you saw some other price somewhere else.
I’m really glad I tested the Technic cosmetics and considering they’re following the latest trends, I’d definitely try out something else, but maybe not the eyeshadow pallet’s considering how I wasn’t too impressed with this one I had.

For those among you, who still aren’t following me on Instagram, here I’m going to write a LINK for you, because it’s where I’m a regular with my posts and with my IG stories so you can get to know me better and also ask any product-related questions in case you have any?

Have you already tried the Technic cosmetics?



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