bazen na Maldivima

I really liked this summer tag post on the blog Katarinina mala manufaktura so I’m also going to answer a couple of question on summer considering it’s my favorite season. I mean, I also like spring really a lot but, well, summer has a bit of advantage here.

1. The best part of summer?

Sea, sea and sea only. With sunbathing, walks and lying around in the sun. There’s really nothing I like more than that.

2. Favorite summer drinks and food?

From the drinks I like water and lemonade, and the food all kinds of fruit that is available, and I especially love the watermelon.

3. Favorite summer clothes?

Maxi skirts and dresses definitely. I wear them all summer long and I love those.

4. Favorite summer footwear?

Everywhere you go flip-flops should follow. I think I spend most of my summer time in flip-flops.

5. Favorite summer makeup looks?

I really wear almost no makeup during the summer so I prefer some light looks, and you can most often see me completely without makeup.

6. Favorite bronzer, fragrance and nail polish?

My favorite bronzer is L’Oreal glam bronze for brunettes so I really neglected all the other bronzers. Fragrance would be Escade something in some pink bottle – I don’t know its exact name, but it’s a true summer fragrance. And from the nail polishes I like all shades of pink so if I had to choose, my favorites for the moment would be Maybelline colorama #83 and Essie funny face.

7. Summer hair styling?

My hair is almost always in a ponytail or a small bun because it gets really hot in summer when your hair is long, and I like it the most when it’s slightly curly after a bath in the salty sea water.

8. Self tanning or lying in the sun?

I like lying around in the sun, but in some decent time, so you can find me on the beach after 4 pm.

9. Favorite SPF product?

At the moment LRP children spray and I also love Hawaiian Tropic products.

10. If you could choose, what summer destination would be ideal?

I’ve always wanted to go to Mauritius or Maldives and this year I was lucky and I spent my vacation on Maldives and I’d defiantly say that this is the ideal destination. Croatian coast and the sea are clear and beautiful, but Maldives are a true small paradise. So most of the photos are less from the vacation there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

What parts of the summer are your favorites? How do you spend your summer?


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