Summer Makeup Must Haves


Oh, yeeeees, I know the summer is full on, but I simply have too much stuff I wanted to write about so I never gotten to writing this post before. Today, I’m going to show you which makeup products I can’t go without during the summer, so, there will be no writing about the preparative cosmetics.

Summer is the season when I, personally, don’t wear my full makeup, apart from this summer in Ireland where you can’t even feel it’s summer and this is the reason why I’m using my makeup like I would usually do through the whole year. But, I’m going to write about the products I’m using while I’m on vacation and when I spend my summer vacation on the sea side. And, just to be clear, I’m not using all these products in only one look combination, these products are here as example only ?

During the summer, I don’t like to use foundations or facial powders, a BB cream maybe, but also that on very rare occasions. But the product I really can’t go without is the concealer. The rings under my eyes are huge, they look a bit better during the summer, but I still need the concealer. Now, I keep rotating my three favorite ones, and those are Rimmel Wake me up Classic Beige ad Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Nude and Neutralizer. They’re good in the concealing and they’re also light. They don’t soak into my small wrinkles and they don’t dry out the area around my eyes. For the ones among you, that are having problem with the rings under their eyes, I’d really recommend Maybelline Neutralizer because it helps a lot with them.

During the summer period, I also don’t prefer to do contours, instead I only use a small amount of blush and highlighters. Among the blushes, I like peachy and coral shades and for a while now I’ve been faithful to Sleek Rose Gold and Dior New Red blushes. The Sleek blush could end up being the only blush I’m going to empty completely because I use it very often. It’s a beautiful peachy-golden shade which really uplifts your look. Dior blush is completely matte.

I think I wouldn’t function without a highlighter and for me, this is the product most often in use. With the highlighters, I only have one rule, more is more 😀 I have my own four favorites which I keep rotating. I already wrote a dozen times about the Mary Lou on my blog, but I just can’t help myself because I simply adore it. I have two, and in this one you can almost see the bottom 😀 My other favorite is much affordable in the price, Wet n Wild highlighter in the shade Precious Petals. Couple of months ago I also got the Iconic London Illuminators in the shades: Shine and Original. They come in the liquid form and I’m using the color Shine also as a base for my powder. They have this slight metallic finish and they’re much more intensive than the ones above mentioned.

Regarding my lips, from all the nude shades, I’ve decided to cross to some more vivid, colorful, pink and coral shades to which I also added one lip gloss that I’ve been using as top coat. I’m going to name you couple of my favorites: Kat Von D Beloved and Mother, Nyx Liquid Suede Life’s Beach, Too Faced Melted Matte It’s Happening!, Baby Lips Sugary Orange and Lancôme lip gloss color Fizzy Rosie.

From the eye makeup, I mostly use the mascara and it must be one that’s waterproof, this year are Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious and technic MegaLash. If I’m in the mood to wear some other eye makeup, then I reach for these colorful palettes: BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil and Club Tropicana or Nyx Brights palette.

To end this post, I’m going to write about this superb product that I use to spray my whole face with, and it’s MAC FIX+ that somehow makes your look fit just right.

What are you using from makeup products? Are you using any makeup during the summer?



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