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favoriti ljeta lakovi

Hay everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the summer, sunbathing and doing nothing. I’m again on a shorter vacation, but also this time the sunny weather isn’t so sunny so for today I decided to show you my favorite nail polish shades for this summer. It’s true I don’t separate the nail polishes or the lipsticks to specifically summer or winter ones, because if I like to wear some colors in summer I usually like wearing better in winter, I’m going to do that. If I like to wear the black color in summer, I’ll also wear that, if I’d like to wear something neon colored in winter, I’m going to do that too. It’s all practically based on how I feel in that moment. I’ve noticed I constantly wear the six nail polish colors I posted a photo here so I enlisted those in my summer favorites. In the next lines read and look which ones those are.

lakovi za ljeto

Those are, as listed below:
1. Golden Rose shade 24
2. Essie shade 25 – funny face
3. Max Factor shade 46 – Vivid Sunset
4. Bourjois silver nail polish
5. Kiko shade 389
6. Max Factor shade 10 – Snow white

golden rose 24

Golden Rose nail polish number 24 is a beautiful red shade that I usually wear all year long, but during the summer I prefer to wear it on my toe nails. I really like to paint my toe nails red and you can see that one on my toe nails in summer really most often. I really love Golden Rose nail polishes so this one also is not an exception to that. It’s very easy applied. I put it in 2 layers and its endurance is pretty good.

essie funny face

Funny face is one of the novelties in my collection, and it became a favorite among them, and the fact I’m having that one on my nails as I’m typing this post just contributes to that. Essie is my favorite nail polish brand and every now and then I grant myself with one of those and they never disappointed me so far. A really beautiful pink shade and it’s enough to apply it in one shade only. It’s also very easily applied and lasts very long on the nails.

max factor vivid rose

I really love these small Max Factor nail polishes because I manage to empty them out completely. The brush is a bit smaller, but still it’s very easily applied and the nail polish last for me approximately four days. The shade is something like neon coral and for me it’s a true summer color.

bourjois lak

For this silver nail polish I really don’t know the number and the name of the shade because, unfortunately I removed that. This shade isn’t a typical summer shade, but I really can’t help myself when silver nail polishes are in question. I wear them during the winter time and also during the summer time and I simply love them. This shade is full of glitter, smaller and bigger ones and the glitter work their true magic in the sun. This nail polish is really long-lasting, it stays on my nails for a weak without a problem, and even more than that. Because of the glitter, it’s a bit harder to take off, but it doesn’t bother me to much at all.

kiko lak 389

I already wrote about this shade in this post. And ever since I bought this one, I’ve been using it really often. I still stand behind everything I wrote about this nail polish, so I won’t make this to long. Beautiful turquoise shade that looks like it was made for the long, warm, summer days.

max factor snow white

And, last, but not any least favorite shade for me is the white Max Factor nail polish that was among my favorites for June. I’ve already written how I’ve been wearing a lot of white nail polish on my nails the last summer, and so it happened I’m doing the same this summer. I like to see girls wearing white nail polish, and I really like it on short nails. This nail polish is a bit harder to apply than the rest ones, but its endurance is really good.

lakovi za ljeto favoriti

So much for my favorites for this summer.

What do you think about my favorites? Which nail polishes are you wearing during the summer?


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