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ps micellar water


last couple of weeks I’ve been really active so we’re going to continue at full pace. You simply can’t have too much of micellar waters so here goes another review about them.

PS is a Primark cosmetics brand and you can find it in their stores. In Ireland, Primark really means Penneys but it’s really the same thing in the end. They have really interesting cosmetics, they follow the latest trends and you can always find a lot of things for really affordable prices. I bought a couple of products so let’s start first with a micellar water.

This micellar comes in a very simple bottle, and what really got my attention si this cute pink color 🙂 This product comes in the amount of 430 ml for a price of 2,50 €. The expiration date is 6 months.

I think I wrote this in couple of my posts by now, but considering how I was absent lately, I’m going to repeat this. So, when I’m removing my makeup, first I use the micellar solution and then I wash my face with a cleansing gel. I just don’t have the feeling of my face being clean, no matter which micellar solution I’m using, and it doesn’t matter I don’t find any residues on the makeup remover pad.

This micellar solution does the job of makeup removing good, one pad is enough for your whole face and eyes in case you’re not using full coverage face powders. Most of the time, I’m using all-day light makeup so I can easily take all of my makeup off. But I also tried it out on some heavier powders and then I use, let’s say, two pads to remove all. It’s smell is light, slightly like roses, but nothing too much. It could be a bit nicer though 😀 After you’ve taken your makeup off, there’s no sticky feeling on your face. I didn’t notice any irritations or allergies on my face since I started to use this micellar solution and it also didn’t dry my face out.

Honestly, I think I’m going to buy it again because I think it’s a good ratio between the price and the quality considering my sensitive face reacted very good to this product.

What micellar water are you using at the moment? Which one is your favorite? Write to me :*


  1. I love this cleansing liquid it works well for my face and i especially love that it lathers leaving your face all cleaned up and fresh almost like you had a bath.


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