PIXI Glow Tonic – Review


Hi everyone!

Pixi glow tonic is one of the products that was really hype as a great and perfect product and, of course, I had to test it. But since I already had my favorites among tonics I ended up postponing the purchase of it constantly. But, as you can see here, I finally gave in and I’ve been using this tonic for a couple of months now.

Tonics are a part of my daily routine and I simply love them. I always choose the alcohol free ones so the Pixi glow tonic is also alcohol free. Pixi glow tonic was described as a ethanediol acid tonic for skin exfoliation, also to even out your tan and to help you remove the dead skin cells. With the process of exfoliation you remove the dead skin cells and then your skin tone and structure is improved. Your skin should look healthier.

When I first started to use this tonic I wasn’t really pleased how my skin reacted and I was beginning to think how I’m not even going to use it again. Right away, after 2 or 3 uses I got pimples and I knew right away that the tonic was the cause because that was the time the tonic was the only change in my routine.
But as I continued to use this tonic, my skin started to look more clean, fresher and more radiant and I was really surprised by the effect. I used to have problems with the acne on my chin area and that was my critical area and I had some red spots left that were really hard to cover. But with using this tonic they are almost invisible now. This tonic somehow balanced my face and my T-zone is less oily with each use. It didn’t dry my skin out.

In the beginning I’ve been using this tonic in the morning and in the evening. In the morning it really gives your face the fresh looking effect but now I’m using it only in the evening and only every second or third day because this is an exfoliating tonic after all and I don’t want to overdo it.
It’s an understatement to say that from the problems in the beginning this tonic now leaves me really pleased and I don’t want to spend any of my days without it any more. And I’m planing to test some more of the Pixi products.

Pixi glow tonic comes in a simple, orange, plastic bottle with a green cap which I noticed is a common line with all the Pixi products. The product is easy to dose and it won’t spill all over. Its fragrance is a bit stronger but I don’t find it unpleasant and I really don’t know how to describe it. The price for the tonic on the Amazon  is 29$ and the amount you get is 250 ml.

Did you already use this tonic? Did you maybe try any of the other Pixi products?


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