Palmer’s Lip Balm – Review


palmers stick

Hi everyone,

During the fall and winter time I have really big problems with my lips, and especially since I started to like matte lipsticks so much. This is the main reason I never have enough of hydration and care.

I think I discovered this product a year or two ago and I still like it very much. This product comes in a pretty normal, white packaging in the amount of 14 g and its size could
surprise you because it’s not the typical Labello size but much bigger. The expiry date is 12 months. I bought it on iHerb web page for a price of $2.65.

Like all of the Palmer products that I came across until now, this one too, smells really good, like cocoa, but since it said Cocoa Butter formula in the name, this didn’t really surprise me. It says you can use this products also for scars and for dry skin but I never used it for those purposes so I can’t tell you if it has any effect in that sense. I’ve been using it for my lips only and I’m really delighted with it. I’ve already written a couple of times on my blog how all those Labello classics aren’t enough for me and I stopped buying them a long time ago and this is why this product is such a revelation for me and I always have one on stock. It really makes my lips soft, silky and nurtured and you don’t need to use it all the time because its effect really last for a long time. I also use it as a base for my lipsticks, especially matte ones and I’m really satisfied with how it nurtures my lips after an all day of wearing heavier lipsticks. This year, I can freely boast about my lips not being cracked or dry but I can’t give all the credits to this product because I combine it with two other products that I’m equally fond of.

For me, one of the product’s flaw is its packaging that broke right after I dropped it to the floor for the first time by accident. Honestly, I was a bit surprised by that, but the piece that fell out and broke was the piece that you need to turn so the product comes out. On all the others I have that didn’t happen but I’m guessing that’s because I never dropped any of them.

What are your favorite lip balms? Did any of you try something from the Palmer’s products?


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