OPI Danke-Shiny Red Nail Polish


opi danke shiny red

Although today I had planned to write a post about my favorites from the last month that won’t be possible because the weather is so bad that I can’t take any good photo of the products for this post. And considering I made a couple of photos of this nail polish couple of weeks ago I decided to write a review on that one.

I really made a lot of reviews on Essie nail polishes because they are my favorites when nail polishes are in question. And also I’m constantly adding to that collection. But I realized that I never wrote anything about OPI nail polishes and I like those also a lot. The shade Danke – Shiny Red I bought maybe a month ago in Muller because I’m usually not buying them in our stores, only online because of the prices that are over the top here.

opi danke shiny red recenzija

This nail polish shade left me really amazed. I’ve been searching for a long time a color like this one. This is a really Christmas red and it’s ideal for this holiday season and I’ve had it on my nails I think three times in a row by now. The color reminds me of sugar coated apples, only with a lot of simmer added or maybe the color of rubies. It has a metallic finish. This shade is so shiny in the day light that it’s impossible to make a good photo and it starts to resemble some kind of an orange color. I finally managed to get a real shade when I took a photo in my room with the flash.

The brush is middle thick. It’s a bit thinner than the Essie nail polishes have, but not to much and it’s actually easier to apply the nail polish with this one. The nail polish applying is so simple that I really was stunned. Two layers really are enough to cover entirely and this nail polish is drying really quickly and that is also another plus on my account.

opi danke shiny red na svjetluIn the day light

What’s not a plus with this nail polish and with this beautiful shade is its endurance is the fact that it slowly starts to be damaged on the nail edges already the third day and that is honestly disappointing. But regardless to that I leave it on for four days and then I take it off. I didn’t try how long it would last with top coat so I really can’t say if it would last for couple of days more. Probably it would but since it looks so good even without the top coat I didn’t even try to put that on. And also a small rebuke is that my nails are reddish after I take it off.

opi danke shiny red sa blicem
With flash and to me the most real swatch

And to end this post properly, some technical data about this nail polish. This polish comes in the typical OPI bottle in the amount of 15 ml. The expiration date is 24 months. The price for this nail polish is something in-between 90 and 100 Croatian Kuna so I’d definitely recommend you buy it over eBay from some of the verified sellers. This is a part of the OPI Russian collection.

Although the endurance of this nail polish is not its stronger side, all the other things are great and I’m going to let it slip trough and I’m going to continue to use it because this color really left me thrilled.

What do you think about OPI nail polishes? How do you like this color and shade?


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