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This month I wasn’t so great with writing posts, but the time really flew by. It’s the end of the year already and to me it feels like it started only yesterday. Considering how it’s the holiday season and the New Year is practically knocking on our doors, I hope you’re in a good mood and that you’re going to like this post.

Ofra highlighters and the brand itself has had a pretty big hype this year. Also I couldn’t stay immune to their highlighters because those are the products I’m using on a daily basis and the more they glow the better. Did this product leave good or bad impressions – well, continue reading and find out.

Ofra brand is available to buy at BeautyBay and along with the highlighters, they also have a lot of other different products they offer. I ordered mine during the period of the Black Friday so I ended up paying a bit less than the regular price of 35$ for it. The amount you get is 10 g. The expiration period is 24 months. Just to mention, Ofra highlighters are constantly sold out so in case you want them you will probably have to wait some time to get the desired colors. I wanted the Rodeo Drive or Bali and in the end I opted out for Bali.

The thing I’d like to mention first is that I was a bit disappointed regarding the packaging. The box in which the highlighter is seems very fragile and like it was made out of the cheapest plastic material they could find. In case it falls somehow I think it would break right away, but I could also be mistaken. For a product within a higher price range I think this is really a fail. But, then again, I was thinking if the product shows as perfect, then I will close one eye over the thing with the cheap plastic.

The Bali color is this beautiful shade with a peachy subtone. It also contains bigger glitter that glow really nice. This highlighter is part of the “Island Time” summer collection and it will definitely fit me better during the summer when I get my tan, but that isn’t stopping me from using it also during this season.

Its formula is beautiful, soft and is very easy to blend. I was expecting a much stronger pigmentation because when you apply it to your skin with your finger to make swatches you really can see the colors nicely. But, when you apply it to your face, it isn’t that flashing, but it can easily be upgraded. To me, this is a product more for your daily makeup when you don’t want to have too much glow on your skin. But, this is only my opinion because I like for my highlighter to be visible even from an airplane 😀 For the ones among you who like for their highlighters to be lighter, you would definitely like this product. When I was reading some more about these products, I found out that other Ofra highlighters are much stronger in the pigmentation level so now I feel bad for not taking the other color I was thinking about. But this one seemed like the perfect choice for the summer months and I still think that will work great then.

It works best in the combination with the creamy Huda highlighter, this one I apply on top of the Huda one. Although, that was the case with most of my highlighters. That, or when I spray it on the brush first and then apply it. The lasting is good and with a light fixator it will last through the entire day.

To sum it all up, I can’t exactly say I’m very satisfied, but then again, I’m not that disappointed. Honestly, I was expecting a much higher level of pigmentation and better packaging quality. But the color is really beautiful and special and I believe how I’m still going to use it very often. I’d also like to try the Rodeo Drive color, but that I’m going to do on some other occasion.


Have you tried the Ofra highlighters? Which one is your favorite Highlighter?


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