NYX Ultimate Brights Palette – Review


Hi everyone!

I’m a real big fan of the nude palettes and I have quite a number of them stashed. But, somehow, I think, now I’ll stop with buying them for a while. I’ve decided to finally buy some brighter colors and in the beginning, I wanted to buy the Morphe Picasso palette, but when I was in the city center I accidentally stumbled upon this one that had very similar colors and I’ve said to myself: This is it! So, this is the reason why, today, I’m writing about this palette. There will be a bit less text and definitely a lot more photos, so, girls, enjoy this beauty ?

Regarding the packaging, the eyeshadows come in a plastic one. The edges are black, with a transparent center so you’re able to nicely see all of the colors. I’d say that the packaging pretty cheap is and it’s very easy to break so be careful not to drop it to the floor. And it’s also prone to scratching so it won’t look that great after some time passes ? The packaging itself isn’t equipped with a mirror like it’s usually the thing with eyeshadow palettes, but I’m not really bothered by this. And there are no applicators which I find really good because most of the times, the applicators you get inside are useless and you can’t do much with them.

This palette contains 16 very colorful eyeshadows. 8 of them are matte, and the other 8 have shimmer inside, which is pretty invisible, especially on your eyelids so you can easily say those are matte too. The pigmentation of the shimmer eyeshadows is maybe a bit lower than in the matte ones, but you can easily upgrade them so that leaves me satisfied. The matte eyeshadows are really great pigmented and I enjoy working with them.

The matte eyeshadows crumble a bit, but it’s really nothing much. All of the eyeshadows are somehow soft, velvety and they blend together very easy. I’ve tested, how long they last, only with the eyeshadow base and they last really long. The colors will fade slightly after maybe 6 or 7 hours of wearing them, but nevertheless they will still look very nice.

I really don’t want to describe each color separately because the swatches I made are very realistic. I made them without the eyeshadow base, one or two layers applied.

Honestly, I was really satisfied with this palette and I finally got to play a bit with some colors. I bought mine in Boots for the price of 21 €. The expiration period is 24 months.

How do you like this palette? Do you like nude colors or brighter color palettes better?



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