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Couple of months ago I wrote a post about some Newchic wish list, and considering the things I ordered arrived pretty fast, today I’m going to give you a small overview of the products and also the mini reviews for them.

When they contacted me from the Newchic web page with the offer for cooperation, I didn’t spend too much time overthinking it because I also order from similar web pages. This time I decided to try some of the cosmetic products because most of the clothing items I wanted at the moment weren’t available.

To begin with, I’m going to tell you that all the things arrived in a record time of about 7 or 8 days. It was all nicely packed with no visible damage on the package. In this shipment, I ordered Glitters, rings and a hair curling iron.


I’m one of those people who really like glitter and everything that sparkles. I think at home I had them in every form you can imagine. When I was moving, I took only a couple of them with me and now I renewed my collection. Ever since I bought the Mehron fluid, I love to apply the glitter to my eyes and it really doesn’t matter to me if it’s for the day or the evening look because one of the perks of a big city life is that no one will be looking funny at you ? I don’t have too much to write about glitter because they’re pretty much all the same. I took one soft pink and then another brown color. The glitter is very small, really thick and you can wear them on your eyes, nails or wherever you like to have some sparkle.

Price: 2.79$
You can buy the glitter HERE.


When women are in question, there can never be enough jewelry. Although, lately I’ve been wearing it on rare occasions, but I like these rings very much and I wear them very often. The ones among you who have been following me, you could see what I’m talking about on my Instagram profile.

In one package, you get 10 rings in different sizes. They’re completely the same like on their photos and I’m really satisfied with them. The ones with the small stones are my favorites. I think these rings are a true hit for all the summer combinations.

Price: 4.31$
You can buy the rings HERE.


I wasn’t really sure if I should call this a hair curler, hair curling iron or maybe something else, but in the photos, you can mainly see what it is. This product was somehow a real surprise to me because I was expecting to get some kind of a small hair curling device so I was truly surprised with the size of it. The measurements were actually written on the page but I wasn’t paying too much attention to them at that point. My hair is really very hard to curl and it won’t hold the curls for long because it’s pretty heavy and if I want to curl it with a curling iron then it takes ages to do so and I was thinking how it’s going to go much faster with this. And it really was faster. The effect you get on your hair is different than the one you get with the usual curling iron. I’d say it looks like you had a braid for a longer time and then you decided to unbraid your hair. You finish with the curling really fast. Just to be clear, if I don’t use like a ton of hair spray, not even these curls will last for long, but at least I don’t have to go through all the trouble with the curling iron because with this it’s simple and fast and I don’t end up with burnt fingers.

It looks really good in quality and I don’t have any negative things to say about it. The other great thing is that they also send you the adapter for the country you ordered it from.

Is this damaging your hair? I’d say that the curling irons or hair curlers aren’t things you should use daily on your hair because it’s normal they dry your hair out and it could get damaged faster, but considering how often I’m using them, that really isn’t something to worry about. ?

Price: 15.46$
This hair curling iron you can order form HERE.

I’m leaving you also one photo where I did the speed curling so you can see how it looks.

To end this post, I’d like to say that I’m really satisfied with this order, with the delivery speed and the products I got. I’m definitely going to continue shopping here ?

Have you ordered something from the Newchic web page? What do you think about my choice? Write to me :*

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