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I didn’t write any new in posts for a while now. For a longer period, I’ve been on the no-cosmetics-buy regime, but then, last month, I ended up buying a couple of things and here we are. So, let’s start with everything I bought. ?

Over TAMbeauty web page, I ordered two palettes, which are: I heart makeup Chocolate and peaches and Bronze and Glow, to which I already dedicated one post HERE. Chocolate and Peaches is a good palette but I’m not so much satisfied with the Bronze and Glow palette.

Kat von D matte lipsticks were now for a longer while on my wish list and I bought a couple of spring colors: Mother and Beloved. I like both of them and they feel very comfortable on my lips, but I’d like for them to last a little bit longer on my lips. But I’ll write a separate review about those for sure.

For a longer time now, I’ve been faithful to the MAC facial powders, if I want a stronger coverage, I take the StudioFix, and for my everyday look I’m using the Matchmaster. Now, I think I need a small change so I ended up buying the Urban Decay Naked and I’m really satisfied with it. You’re going to be able to read a review about it very soon.

Mehron mixing liquid is something I discovered in Arimed school and I think this product rocks. With it, you can take any pigment and eyeshadow and you can make a waterproof eyeliner which is perfect if you also want to glue some glitter to your eyelids.

In Primark, they really have a variety of cosmetics and I find their brand really interesting so I decided to buy a couple of palettes for my giveaway and also one highlighter for myself, but I didn’t try it out yet.

Creighton’s Coconut & Keratin shampoo I bought for €1,50 without any high expectations from it, but it surprised me very positively. I only used it couple of times now so you’re going to have to wait a bit to have some real impressions about this product.
CB hair conditioner was bought in Primark also for a ridiculous price, I think for maybe €2,50 and I think I’m going to make a stash of this conditioner. It’s fantastic! 🙂
Umberto Giannini hair oil is really nothing special. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I also don’t think it’s something special. It really didn’t impress me with anything.

Vichy Purete thermale gel is something I like really a lot and this was a repeated purchase.
PS Micellar was already a product I wrote about in one of my other posts so here is the LINK for more details.
Garnier Eye makeup remover is possibly the best two-phase makeup remover, it removes every makeup without any trouble and it leaves this very comfortable feeling on your skin, your skin feels like it’s nourished after you’ve used it.
Soap & Glory products were, honestly, a small disappointment. In other words, I don’t think they’re that special. I bought one hand cream and this small lip product.

So, here you have it. There weren’t that many of the new products, but with a lot of them I was really pleasantly surprised.

What did you buy lately? If you want to know more about a specific product, let me know and I’ll speed up the review 🙂



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