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Hello everyone,

It’s been for more than 2 months, I think, since my last new in post, so it’s about time to show you what all new things gathered in my cosmetic supplies. I’ll try to go in some order I bought the things and I took the photos right away. Here you’re going to find a lot of different things, and most of it will be preparative cosmetics because I spend it the fastest. Some things are also spent already, for some I’ve already written the reviews. So, in my opinion, I’m going to have to write posts like these more often because it seems to me like this one will be a bit longer. So, let’s get started.

First of all, the order form iherb arrived and those things you already could’ve seen in one of my earlier posts. I bought the Alba Botanica shower gel for which you could’ve already seen the review. Here is also the Cococare coconut oil that I like to use for my hair. Monoi tiki tahiti didn’t impress me with its smell, unfortunately, but I earlier had coconut and it was really good. I also bought Thayers pads which I liked really a lot.

After this, there followed a small shopping in DM. My friend and I walked in to get some face pads, adn at the end I Johnsons baby oil, Balea oil and with a recommendation from my friend, I love body lotion and Cottage shower gel. Johnsons baby oils I’ve been using for years now, the last one I had was lavender, so, this time I took Aloe Vera. Cottage shower gel I noticed for the first time, and the packaging was really cute to me, so I took it to try it out. It smells really great.

Over Yves Rocher web page I ordered two products and with that I got 3 bags because it was some kind of a promotion, but I didn’t take any photos of them. Because they’re not worth mentioning. So, I ordered a hair spray and a body mist. This body mist is in use and so far is really great.

After that, from my sister I got a shower gel as a gift. She knows how much I like the pink color and these lovely packagings.

Also, this order from eBay arrived and on the picture you can see how impatient I was and I dipped one of my fingers right away in one of them.

Another shopping in DM. Le Petit Marseillais had another sale and so for one product you bought you got vanilla one for free so I had to use that offer. Also another baby product. This time, the Johnsons cream I used earlier and I really love that one. Ebelin nail polish remover is a revelation for me, it removes the nail polish really good and from now on I plan to use only this one. Pantene hair spray is also a repeated purchase, I think for the third time now. I’m very satisfied. Balea cell energy serum was bought for the first time and so far I still didn’t give it a try.

After that followed the purchase of the nail polishes, so her you can see two Max factor polishes, Deborah in the shade 97 and Essie Funny face. Essie nail polishes are usually my favorites so also, this one is no exception and I wear it all the time.

I accidentally went to Bipa, because I go there really on rare occasions, so I also bought a couple of things there. Hello beauty sponge I bought purely out of comparing purposes with a beauty blender and I hope it’ll show as good as the blender is. Garnier body oil beauty, another in the long streak of body care products, I like from the first try. Look by Bipa brush I took to give their brushes a go, because I never used their brushes before. Tricologik hair spray also stumbled into my shopping bag by accident, but I heard this product was good, so I decided to give it a try.

Every time I go into the Golden Rose I just have to buy something. I really like their products. They have good quality, and also, on the other hand, they are really affordable. Golden rose vision lipsticks in the shade 108 and 124 are my first lipsticks from their line.

I also went by the pharmacy and I bought La Roche-Posay spray with the SPF 50.

Keratin complex was bought in Kozmo and it was a gift from my mom, who really know how much I like hair products. I really don’t know how I’m going to spend all of that. And you can also see the pads for nail polish removing and they are really practical to keep them in your purse.

And for the end, I was in Douglas perfume store and there I bought some facial cleansing wipes and also the Dior toned, hydrating cream with SPF 20.

If you got to the end of this post, I can just say wow. I’m really not buying anything for a longer period of time.

What did you buy lately?


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