Morning Facial Routine


Hi everyone,

for starters, I wish you a pleasant and happy work week. Today I’m going to write a bit about my morning facial care, about what products I like and use in my daily morning routine. It may seem to you that this routine takes a long time every day but, trust me, it’s not long at all because my baby waits impatiently in her crib for us to start playing together. So, honestly, I like my evening routine much more when I have more time to spend for my facial care.

Some of my mornings I start by cleaning my face with the micellar water. My Mixa micellar, which in my opinion is the best one there is among drugstore brands, is almost empty. It removes my make-up really great, it’s mild and it doesn’t dry my skin out. I even replaced my beloved Vichy micellar solution with this one because I think this is a cheaper version of the same. And the ingredients are completely identical. And now I also started with the testing of the new Avon micellar solution and I’m going to write a review about that one for sure but I still need some time to test it. So, if I have a bit more time on my hands then I start with the micellar and if not then I just go to my most important step and that is the face washing with a face washing gel, foam or emulsion.

Just to make it clear, I’m not using all of the face washes I have at the same time. I only put them here as an example of the ones I like to use for my morning face washing. The only thing I switched to my evening routine is the L’occitane oil because I find it better somehow in the evening. The most important thing with my morning face washes is the feeling of freshness they give me and with that they help me to wake up faster. So, they all have this fresh, light fragrance and they really give a sort of refreshment to my face that wakes up in a instant. At the moment, the one I’m using the most is the Uriage emulsion which is ideal for this period of the year because my skin gets dry easily from all the heating going on. And this is a mild enough product that it won’t dry my skin out and yet it’s very efficient to clean all the impurities and oil that has gathered during the night. Another morning favorite of my is the Vichy purete thermale gel.

For a while I’ve been using all my face washing gels with my Clarisonic, but later I started to use the Foreo. But, still, Clarisonic showed to be a better option for the morning (although I like my Foreo better in general). So, every third day in my routine there is this machine.

After I wash my face I use the Thayers tonic and this one, in my opinion, is the best tonic I ever tried. I also bought the praised Pixi Glow tonic so we’re going to see if that one is going to amaze me. So, I put the tonic on a cotton pad and I apply it to my face and wait till that soaks in. I never skip this step because later on all the creams I put on soak in much better.

After the tonic I use the cream for the area around my eyes and at the moment I’m using the Antipodes Kiwi seed oil cream which I find great for my morning routine because it soaks in really quick. For my night routine it’s a bit too mild. I tap this cream lightly with my fingers. I never spread it around.

After that I’m using my face serum and at the moment that is the Vichy aqualia thermal which is almost empty. This serum I don’t use every day, I’d say every second day, it all depends on how my skin feels. With this Vichy serum I was really satisfied and I already managed to empty two bottles of it but now I’m going to try something else. It gives my skin good hydration and I think it’s good for all skin types.

After this I’m using the face cream and at the moment I’m testing the Olival extra hydrating cream with imortelle oil. I’ve been using it for less than a month now but looking so far and how it affects my face I’m really satisfied and I’m sure I’m going to empty it. It’s really hydrating and it’s great for this period of the year when my skin, I repeat, acts wild. It’s also good as a base for my concealer or my BB cream. Before I started to use this one I was using the L’occitane perfect tan cream, but that one is more fit for the summer period of the year. It would be to light for now.

And for the end of my routine on my lips I put some EOS balm or the Dior reviver balm and they both showed to be really helpful for my lips that are really easy to get dry. I’ve been using them for year snow and I don’t plan to change them.

This is how my morning face care routine looks like. After this sometimes I put on a bit of make-up (only if the baby is still asleep) and under make-up I mean the concealer and mascara.

What does your morning face care routine looks like and is it similar to mine?


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