Monthly Favourites – May 2014


Sincerely, I can’t believe that we’re only a day apart from June and it’s time for new favorites. I don’t know how You feel, but for me May just flew by and I’m looking forward that the summer is closer and closer. The spring and the summer are my favorite seasons and I really enjoy them. Winter has also its magic, but on my account, summer is summer. Sea, sunbathing, walks, really what more can You wish for to enjoy life. I was lucky that I spent my honey moon in March, so I already had real summer and bathing. But now, I am even more excited for the real summer heat that’s about to come. I know, not all people love the summer and most of them can’t wait for that period to be over, but as for me, I don’t feel that way. I’d like the summer to last much much longer. And You, my lovelies, do you like the summer as much as I do? Ok, I’m completely off the subject now, so it’s time to get back to our favorites. What I used the most and loved the most in the month of May, read in the next lines.

And this month my favorite shower thingy was Le Petit Marseillais, only this time with the sweet almond milk. Its fragrance is absolutely perfect, so it looks like I’ll buy only that until I get bored with the fragrance. Another great thing is that the fragrance keeps on the skin very long after showering.

I’ve used Yves Rocher dry oil for my skin, which I could pick as a gift during one shopping at their site which was long time ago, but I started to use it only recently and I was really pleasantly surprised. The oil itself smells very nice and absorbs really quick in the skin and the skin itself is very good nourished after the use.

As for the perfume, I was using ESCADA Sexy Graffiti perfume which I got as a gift from my husband the last summer and it’s definitely a real summer fragrance. It’s very refreshing, and the fragrance itself is something flowery fruity combination. I’m not usually a fan of perfumes and I think it’s the only thing I don’t have like stacked around in big amounts. Even the male perfumes I find better scented than the female ones so when I’m going out, I always use one of the male perfumes.

Here I also mentioned something non – cosmetically, and its Yankee Candle Clean Cotton wax which was a signature fragrance for the whole last month in my apartment. You know that smell when you take out freshly washed laundry from the washing machine? That’s exactly the fragrance of this wax and I have that fresh feeling all the time when it’s lit and burning.

I’m not a big lip gloss fan, but lately I noticed I’ve been using them more and more. This month I’ve been switching between Max Factor shade 55 Dazzling fuchsia and Chanel lip gloss shade 166. Both lip glosses are lasting and they’re not sticky at all and I definitely plan to get another Max Factor lip gloss.

As for the lipsticks, I’ve been using Maybelline 904 Vivid Rose and Revlon lip butter in the shade Lollipop. Lollipop is a beautiful fuchsia shade with a blue sub tone, it’s not so much long lasting, but it’s very hydrating and comfortable to wear. In fact, it reminds me of lip balms in color. Maybelline is a beautiful summer shade that is very easy to put on, it’s very long lasting and to me it smells very nice. I like Maybelline lipsticks very much and I’ve got a couple of them in my collection.

As for my face, this month I’ve been using Garnier BB cream in the shade medium. As we continue towards the warmer days, I’m slowly switching from foundations to BB creams and this one here fits me very good. To mat my forehead, I’ve used Ben Nye Banana powder and with it there’s no way I glow the entire day.

And for my panda circles under my eyes, this month I didn’t use shiseido concealer, I used Maybelline concealer, but the same still isn’t for sale in our stores, so I buy it directly from eBay. It’s excellent to cover the dark circles under my eyes.

As for the blushes, I’ve been using different kinds so I don’t have a favorite, but the L’Oreal bronzer I’ve been using 24/7. I just love to use it because it gives your face such a beautiful glow.

And to end my post, I’m going to add the Real Techniques brush set which I bought long time ago on iherb, and I forgot completely I had them because I’ve been trying out some other brushes. But I can say I used them all the time this month and all I can say I’m very pleased with them. My apologies for them being dirty in the pictures.

And that would be that from me in this month’s favorites. I hope you liked the post and that u enjoyed reading and watching it.

How do You like my favorites for this month? Do You use some of these products?

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