Monthly Favourites – June 2014


Hey everyone,

We’re already in the first half Of the July, and I’m posting bout my favorites for June. I’ve been on a vacation for a while so for a while I didn’t post anything, but I only enjoyed in the summer as much as I could, considering there was so much rain that just wouldn’t stop. In the next lines read what I used the most and liked the most in June.

Summer is the time when I really don’t use the decorative cosmetics so much because I like to spend my free time on the beach, and for that I don’t use any makeup, so for this month I’m a bit low on favorites.

Considering its sunbathing time I threw in one of my favorites I like to use when I’m on the beach. And that is the Lancaster sun beauty tan deepener. This is the product that you use if you want to get a tan faster. Once, I really was crazy enough to use this product on its own, but luckily that period lasted for a short while. So, for the last couple of years, before I use any of those products for a faster tanning, I first apply sun protective factor creams. I’ve always liked the Lancaster products for sunbathing because I have the feeling that with them I get the most beautiful tan, and while doing that they also protect my skin really good. This product is really easy applied and it smells really good. But considering it has no SPF I always use creams with SPF in them before I apply it.

My most favorite product for June is definitely the Hawaiian Tropic after sun body butter and I’ve been using that for years now during the summer, and to be completely honest, I’m using it also during the winter, because I just love its fragrance. I think it comes in two variables, but I always notice this one on the shelves, the exotic coconut. I apply it after my shower and the smell stays on my skin for a long time and it makes my skin smooth and soft.

This month I’ve been using the Apivita creamy cleansing foam with olive and lavender to clean my face. This is usually my HG face washing thingy, but considering I like to try other products also, I skip this one here and there and then I go back to it again. That was the case also this month. It removes all of my makeup and my face is clean, soft and without any tension in it after the use. And I never had any problems on my face when using it.

At the beginning of June, I’ve been using Collistar self tanning drops and I really love this product. I’m not a real fan of self tanning products because my skin tan is naturally darker and I regularly stay with spots after using products like these. With this product I don’t have problems like that, and my face is after using them really beautiful. I literally don’t need any foundations or powders. I usually wear only one dose that is enough for the whole face, but you can also dose the intensity in repeating the procedure. And before you use this a face peeling is a must do.

For my hair, this month I used Balea oil and I can say I really liked it. You can use it before and after you washed your hair. I always used it after by putting in on the already dried hair, but only on the ends. It smells really good and my ends looked really great during the time I’ve been using this oil.

For my nails, I used the Max factor nail polish shade Snow White. Somehow, always in summer time I like to use and see on others the white nail polish and that’s why I use it a lot during the summer. This one last really a long time and it’s really easy applied.

And for the end of this post, there are the lipsticks. Lip sticks are one of my favorite decorative cosmetics products and I definitely have too many of those. I really like Deborah lipsticks, so this summer I used those in the shades #8 and #12. The thing I like about them is how good they’re pigmented and how durable they are and I really have a lot of Deborah lipsticks in my collection.

Another really great shade for me last month was the Maybelline fuchsia flash. That is one really pink neon lipstick color which will guarantee you that you won’t go unnoticed this summer.
Although on the photo it’s not shown in its full intensity.

How do you like my favorites? And what are your favorites for the last month?


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