Monthly Favorites – September 2015


favoriti mjeseca rujna

Hi, everyone,

of course I am running late with my last months favorites so I even thought I won’t be able to write them. But it would be a real shame not to show you these beautiful fall colors and shades. I’m one of those people that don’t like fall at all and I really don’t see anything so magical about it because where I live it’s mostly rainy at that time of the year. Well, OK, I like the aroma of the chestnuts in the air and also the scent of some fragrance candles being lit, my birthday too. While I was alone it was OK, I would just turn on the TV and would watch some shows and I could spend my day like that. But now, that my baby girl is here, that is not so easy. She likes it outside and when we go for a walk but the weather won’t let that happen most of the time so we have to spend our time inside or in some closed malls. Walking trough the malls is a nice opportunity to browse trough some make up so already with the first signs of the fall coming I enlisted some of the berry shades and colors into my routine. The photos aren’t that good because today the weather was really bad and yesterday I didn’t have my camera so the photos with my iPad were even worse. But. let’s continue.

essie bahama mama

Although I started to paint my nails less frequently I still couldn’t resist my all time favorite, the Essie Bahama mama. This is for sure, the most beautiful fall color.

Along with the Essie Bahama mama I’ve been using also OPI Every month is Oktoberfest that is also on my nails in this moment. One really special dark shade and with the first layer is somehow purple and lame but after you apply another layer it turns into a real beauty. Dark purple shade, almost turning black with a gold – red glow. I find it that it’s really nice to see those dark shades on short nails.

nyx butter gloss

On my lips I mostly wore nude shades again and I never separated from my Nyx butter gloss in the colors Tiramisu and Eclair. Nyx butter glosses are definitely my favorites considering lip glosses because they’re really butterish, they’re easy to apply and they have a wide range of colors and their price is very affordable. Tiramisu was a repeated purchase and this is one of the My lips but butter collection colors. Eclair is a gentle nude – pink color.

With these, I also used one fall color and that is the Essence lip liner in the shade of Honey Berry. Great berry shade as you can see in the name of it also. This line of the Essence lip liners is very easy to apply and they don’t dry your lips out and their long-lasting is really great.

On my eye lids you could mostly see the Maybelline color tattoo eye shadow in the shade Metallic Pomegranate. This color is something combined between brown-purple with a golden particles. These eye-shadows will stay on your lids no matter what when you once put them on and that is something I really like about them. And, it’s consumed really slow that it still looks like I just bought it.

My hair favorite is for a while now the milk_shake milk. I replaced my hair oils with this milk because I was really pleasantly surprised. My hair wasn’t colored for over two years now and it needs a hair cut and a hair color really badly and I was thinking I’m going to do this the following week but somehow I doubt I will make it. So I’ve been trying with all the different hair products to make it look at least decent and this milk really helps with that. It’s very light so it doesn’t make my hair greasy, it makes it nice and soft and my hair is easy to comb trough. It has a caramel aroma, yummy.

Lately, I’ve been under a lot of stress and that is really visible on my skin right the same moment and on my chin I got a couple of pimples that left a couple of red spots. That’s when I used the Madre Labs Refining micro polish that made my face really look so much better. The spots were reduced, my face was after use soft, smooth and fresh. And, sincerely I hope it stays like this. This product really left me amazed. And if it would only help to remove the bags under my eyes, oh that would be a real bliss.

So much for my favorites. Do we have some favorites in common maybe? What did you use the most lately?


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