Monthly Favorites – September 2014


favoriti mjeseca rujna

When did the September end, I really lost track? I think I developed a habit of starting every favorites post with the sentence how time flies but I really get that feeling. September was really full of an obligation I had to deal with and that’s why it just flew by but I think October’s going to be a bit easier and slower because at the moment I don’t have any plans yet. Oh, and I also want to brag a little bit that this last month I graduated which you could’ve also seen on instagram if you’re following me there, so that also means for me this October won’t mean a start of another student year. Ok, enough bragging, let’s continue with the overview of my favorites for this month.

green girl elancyl eucerin

These three products I’ve been using every day ever since I bought them and I’m really satisfied and most definite I’m planning to use them further.

Eucerin oil shower gel was in my first opinion not much, but I was definitely wrong there and now there’s no chance to be without it.

I already wrote that I had dry skin problems and how my tummy started to grow this shower gel, body scrub and Elancyl stretch preventing cream were my saviors. I think this is a really good product for the ones that have dry skin problems. For these two products I’m planning to write a review so I’m not going to write too much now. But there two products I most sure wouldn’t be able to live without. My tummy is still a bit itchy and I bought really a pile of oil for pregnant women, but nothing helped. This cream is really something really different. All my problems literally went away over night and now my skin is soft and nourished and for now there are now signs of any new stretch marks.

Green Girl face wash I already wrote about in this review and there’s no sense in repeating myself. All in all, a really good face wash for a really affordable price and it’s in the range with my favorite Apivita face wash. It’s very good in removing the makeup, it doesn’t dry out my skin and you have my warm recommendations to buy this product.

nyx butter gloss

I have to admit that lately I’m really starting to neglect lipsticks and I’m almost constantly using lip glosses. Especially these here, NYX butter gloss lip glosses and I almost never take them off. All of the three colors you see here I like almost the same and for sure I plan to buy a couple more. Lately, I’ve been wearing my hair up almost all the time so there’s no problem with tangling my hair in lip gloss on my lips. They really feel good on my lips and they’re not sticky and are also easy applied. They’re not long lasting but I like them anyway.

bourjois maskara

For a longer time now I had my eye on this mascara when I passed by it and saw it on the shelves. And then after a couple of good reviews I read, I decided to buy it and everything I read about it turned out to be just right. Really great mascara, with a rubber brush and it gives you a great volume. It’s also very easy applied. I’m only sorry I didn’t take one in the waterproof version also because lately my eyes are getting watery a lot. I’m buying a lot of Bourjois mascaras and I have to admit that I find all of them really great.

misslyn natural paleta

I already wrote a review on Misslyn natural palette and I can only add that I’m still using it on daily basis and that I’m still not even thinking to take any other to give them a try. I know I have a lot of other similar shades and that this one is not so good pigmented without a base but it’s fulfilling my needs for speedy makeup touchups during the day.

I Heart Makeup rumenilo

And my last favorite is I Heart Makeup blush which I’ve been using since the day it arrived and all the other shades are waiting for some better makeup days. The pigmentation is good and you can build it up and it last 7 hours without a problem for me. In the same order I also got the highlighter and it’s not as close good as this blush.

When you said after my last favorites post how you like my random favorites I also decided to do that this time because I really can’t manage to write a single post about my non beauty favorites.

zara ogrlice

My first favorites are big necklaces. I don’t know about you, but I really love those and I have a big pile of them. The three you see here are from Zara but you can also find them for a good price at eBay. They really lift up even the most regular combinations. Unfortunately, the turquoise lost a part but I managed to find it and now I only have to glue that back.

My other favorite are these cure key chains shoe/slipper that I got when I graduated, and what makes them so special is the fact that I still don’t know my baby’s gender so that’s why one is blue and one pink. And to top that, they came in this cute box that is shaped like a piece of cake.

And my third favorite is the movie I recently watched, and it’s the movie The Maze Runner. This is a story about a group of boys that are trapped in a maze. I think this is a really good SF movie and I recommend it to all of you who like to watch blockbusters.

So here were my September favorites. How do you like them? What are your favorites?


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