Monthly Favorites – May 2017


For a longer time now, I didn’t write about monthly favorites and I can’t even remember when was the last time I wrote a post like that. I love to read posts like these on other peoples’ pages, so I’m definitely going to start writing them again. Last month I ended up testing a lot of different products but I also stayed true to my old and reliable favorites. Continue reading and find out what I loved and used the most.

I’m going to start with the lipsticks and I can tell you, I’ve been experimenting really a lot and I wore all kinds of them, but the ones I used the most are the Kat Von D lipsticks for which you could’ve also read my review couple of days ago. The colors Beloved and Mother are a total hit. I love them no matter the fact I said how I don’t like how they last pretty short on my lips. I have no doubt I’m going to wear them all the time in the next month. For the ones among you, who are lazy to read through my whole review I’d only like to say that they’re very highly pigmented and light when you’re wearing them on your lips, and you don’t even feel like you’re wearing them. And the best thing about them is that they’re not drying your lips out.

Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks have, in my book, really one great formula. There is a huge number of colors you can pick out from, most of them are pigmented and they don’t dry your lips out. Last month I wore the Red Revolution color a lot, which is a beautiful, real red shade which really boosts up every combination or the look you’re wearing.

Ever since I bought the Nyx Ultimate Brights palette, all of my other nude palettes are almost forgotten. Well, that’s not exactly true, but most of my looks were based only on this palette and it’s a true refreshment for me. I also recently wrote a review of this product so I’m leaving you the LINK, but one thing you should know right away, it’s amazing and the eyeshadows are really good pigmented.

My beloved Mary Lou highlighter was literally in use every day and I think very soon I’m going to be able to see the bottom of it 🙁 I ordered the praised Iconic highlighters so I’ll let you know how much I like them.

When I was moving, I didn’t bring my nail polishes with me. Somehow, I lost the will to paint my nails and I started to like normal, natural nails. But, when I was in Primark, I stumbled upon these artificial nails that actually look great when you apply them. It’s not the same hassle it used to be when you had to shape the artificial nails first, and then file them and put the nail polish to look good. Here you get more sizes, and some of the packaging’s even have up to 36 artificial nails inside, so in case you lose one or something happens, it’s very easy to replace it. You also get the nail glue inside. Last month I wore the silver ones, but considering I don’t have a photo, I’m posting a photo of the other color just so you can see how it looks ?

I love artificial eyelashes, but I don’t really have time to spare 2 hours every second week to lie down until someone applies them to my eyes. And what also bugs me is when a couple of them falls out and then it looks really lame. So, this is why I’m using these single use eyelashes, but sometimes, I end up using one for more than once. For my everyday look, I love to use Ardell Natural because they’re the lightest ones. But this Primarks lashes I really loved last month. And I have to admit, that, no matter the fact I’ve been using them on average every third day, I’m still having trouble applying them. When I apply them to someone else, I have no problem at all, but when I’m trying to do the same for myself it really isn’t working out very easily.

To end my post for today, I left one of my hair product favorites that I can’t find enough words of praise for. It’s Bumble and Bumble dry oil in spray. My hair is so soft after use that I really can’t find words to describe it and it really makes the combing really easy. I recommend it in case your hair is dry because it really smooths out your hair and it will also give your hair a light gloss. I use it daily so I’m really curious on how long it will last and I’d really like to have my own stash of this hair spray just in case.

How do you like my favorites? What were your favorites in the last month?


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