Monthly Favorites – June 2015


I know, I’m always late with my favorite posts but I really like to read post like these on other bloggers pages so I don’t want to skip mine either. I don’t have too much of the decorative products that I used because the heat wave is on its peak so the decorative amount is limited to its minimum. I won’t drag this on to much but I’m rather going to get straight to typing about what I’ve used the most and liked the most in the month of June.

Vichy Purete Thermale facial cleansing gel – I love Vichy cosmetics and I really can’t remember if any of their products was bad. This cleansing gel is the one I use the most beside my FOREO and together they give great results. It’s not aggressive and after I use it on my face my skin is clean, soft and smooth. It didn’t irritate my skin in any way and it also hasn’t dried my skin out. I don’t use this one to remove my make up. I use it after I already removed my make up to clean all the leftover impurities from my face. And lately I’ve been using this only in the morning because it gives my face really a refreshing feeling. One press of the pump is enough to clean my whole face.

MATRIX Monoi oil
– also, I think this was already in one of my favorites because it’s really great for my hair. Especially for the hair ends that get dried out during the summer and then they’re in need of some extra care. This oil is somehow thick and really rich so you need a small amount of it. But I wouldn’t recommend it to the ones among you that have problems with the oily hair. Its fragrance is really nice and it stays in your hair for a long time and it also give your hair a light shine.

Dior Star foundation powder shade 033 – as soon as my face gets a slight tan I start using this foundation. It’s really great in the summer because it’s not to heavy and it has an SPF 30. It has medium coverage.
L’occitane cream for a perfect complexion divine peony– this is one really good day cream for this heat although you can use it also as a night cream. It gives you very good hydration without making your skin oily. It’s also good as a foundation before you apply your make up.

Collistar magic drops – these are facial self-tanning drops. This is already my second bottle and I like to use this already in the spring. Especially this year because I got to go to the sea side only now officially. Before you start using them you have to do a facial scrub. They’re very easily applied and the tan you get is really nice and even. Every layer gives you a layer more of the shade so you can dose it just right.

Revlon stain Cannes Crush shade
– with this Revlon I used to have a sort of a love/hate relationship because the texture of it is somehow odd. But this month we got along rally good because I wasn’t using any lipsticks so it was ideal for me and the color was barely visible when I put only one layer of it on.

NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brulee shade
– I already enlisted these lip glosses in my favorites because I really love them. This color and the Tiramisu are my favorite ones. But the Tiramisu I gave to my friend. This is a light nude shade when you don’t want to spend to much time thinking what lipstick should you put on. It fits every look you combine.

Maybelline color tattoo Pink Gold shade – can you imagine that I only recently got my first sample of this tattoo eyeshadow. I wasn’t somehow attracted to them but now I want them all. This shade here was a total bulls-eye for my daily walks. They stay almost the whole day on my eyelid and this was the exact thing that amazed me.

Do we have a favorite in common? How do you like my favorites?


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