Monthly Favorites – July 2015


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We’ve already stepped into August and I already feel sorry that summer is coming to its end. I’m one of those that love summer, sea, sun, long days a lot and I don’t mind all those high temperatures. For this month I sorted out some of the favorites I had with me on the beach all the time and also some of the decorative cosmetics that was also in use almost every day.

AFRODITA sun tanning milk with the SPF 30 – during this summer I used this SPF 30 most of the time and not the one with the SPF 50 because since I got my baby, we don’t go out when the sun is really extreme and we’re going to the sea really a lot later in the day. And while my baby is sleeping, I’m spending my time in the pool, in the shade, so this was really enough for me. This cream soaks in really fast and it doesn’t leave any white residues on your skin. It’s very light in texture and it has a nice coconut aroma.

COLLISTAR jelly I’ve been using together with the Afrodita milk and I got a really nice tan in a very short period of time. Although, I tan very easily even without the tanning products. Last year, I’ve been using the Lancaster jelly that gives you the same effect, but with Coolistar it’s really great that you won’t have any marks from it on your bathing suit. It doesn’t have an SPF so don’t use it without any additional protection when you’re out in the sun.

BILBOA aquabronze manta glaciale – this product I bought without planning it in Trieste for some really affordable price. I like to put some aloe Vera lotion on my skin after I’ve been in the sun during the summer. That’s why this product got my interest. I was spraying this on my skin all the time because it also has mint in the ingredients and it gives your skin a nice cooling feeling.

COLLISTAR hair sun protective oil spray I was also using last year and since it showed as a good product I continued to use it also this year. You only need a small amount and I’m only applying it to hair ends and it makes them nice and soft and it protects them from drying out and splitting.

NIP+FAB Viper Venom Extreme night krema

NIP+FAB Viper Venom Extreme night cream is a true revelation for me. I started to use this cream after my Vichy aqualia thermal night spa, which I’m going to use during the winter again. But during these summer months this cream plus the Caudalie oil are a perfect combination. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting empty really fast and I’m already at middle of the package but I’m going to buy it again for sure. The texture is light and like a gel and it soaks in really fast. The aroma is a bit odd and with time I even started to like it. During the application I have the immediate feeling of refreshment but it goes away fast and my face is soft and smooth in the morning. With time you really see the difference after using this cream and that I noticed when I forgot it at home when we were going to the sea side for our vacation.

uriage roseliane cc krema

URIAGE Roseliane CC cream – I like to use a different CC cream foundation every other month so I can empty all from my stash. That’s why this month I decided to use this CC cream because I didn’t need heavier coverage. It’s light and it blends really nice with my tan. This shade is quite dark so I think it wouldn’t go well with some lighter skin tan. It’s really great for this summer period because it’s not heavy for your face and it makes your tan nice and even. And one big plus is that it has the SPF 30 in it.

ESSIE Russian Roulette – I painted my hand nails really very rare because I didn’t have too much free time. But when I managed to find time, I’ve been using this color only. And on my toe nails I’ve been using it probably ever since the first day I bought it. This is a classic red shade and I find it as a really great one for this summer period. This nail polish was bought in our DM stores and it has a wide brush and I always tend to forget how much I love those thick brushes.

BOURJOIS Aqua Laque – I could hardly wait for these lip sticks to finally arrive to the shelves in our stores. I’m one of those girls that the Velvet matte edition didn’t fit because it dried my lips out although the colors really great were. But this one is a true hit for me. I wouldn’t say these are lip sticks, they look more like lip glosses, but for me they are great. I bought the shade 02 – Rose on the rocks and I simply love it. It’s really an understatement if I’d say I’d like to have all of the shades.

DIOR lip gloss shade Dynasty – I bought this somewhere back in the middle of the month and I just can’t stop wearing it. I use this one or the Bourjois all the time. From a lipstick girl I turned into a lip gloss one. Maybe this is only because it’s summer now, I’m really not sure. But I like lip glosses so much now that I just can’t stop wearing them. This Dior lip gloss gives your lips nice fullness and a high gloss. It lasts long time on your lips which is not the case with some other lip glosses. It has also these micro glitter in it that are really glossy in the sun. The shade is something like the color of the meat and it fits every look.

Do we maybe share a favorite? What cosmetics products are you using the most during these hot summer days?


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