Monthly Favorites – August 2015


Hi everyone,

I decided not to write a post about summer favorites because I wrote each month about my favorites so today I’m going to write about what I’ve been using the most in the last month. In August I’ve been using very few of the decorative cosmetics, almost nothing because I really wasn’t up for wearing makeup and also I didn’t have too much time for that. With the preparative cosmetics I stayed faithful to trying out new things but also here I didn’t have any revelations or favorites. So this will actually be a short post with a bit less number of favorites than it usually is.

L'occitane bademovo ulje za kožu

L’occitane almond skin oil – this oil I’ve bought while I was still pregnant but I never really used this much and I completely forgot about it. I took it with me this summer for my vacation and when I saw that my skin is starting to become slightly dry I started to use it. It makes your skin soft and it brings the dry skin back to normal. It takes a bit longer for it to soak in but it’s really effective.

foreo luna

FOREO Luna – I really don’t understand how this wonderful device didn’t get into my favorites sooner than this?! I don’t go anywhere without it and I can’t imagine my evening without cleaning my face with it. Best thing that ever could’ve happen to my face. Cleans my skin really good and prepares it for the preparative cosmetics.

DIOR Lip Maximizer – this was for the days when I only wanted my lips to be glossy. And to be honest that was most of the days. I just love this lip gloss because it makes your lips feel cool for a long time because of its mint effect and in the hot summer days it was really a nice thing. It’s also not sticky, gives your lips a nice gloss but I didn’t notice it gives any extra volume or fullness to my lips.

On the days I wanted my lips not only glossy I used the Bell lipstick shade 036 and Dior lip gloss shade 310. Sometimes I’d use them together, sometimes separately and I like all the combinations the same. This lipstick and the lip gloss are a beautiful nude shades. This is the first Bell lipstick I tried and I have to admit that I really liked the texture. It’s not too highly pigmented and you can really upgrade the color nicely. It doesn’t dry your lips out even the slightest and those are the things I’m looking for in a lipstick. It’s going to last around 2 hours but that’s not a problem for me. Considering the lip gloss, it will last for around 2 or 3 hours and it gives your lips a beautiful nude color without the sticky feeling.

sleek rose gold blush

SLEEK blush shade Rose Gold – I think this was already in my favorites. And this summer the peachy shade with a gold shimmer was really a perfect fit. It’s highly pigmented like all the Sleek blushes so you have to be a bit attentive when you dose this blush on your skin.

So here you have all of my last month’s favorites. Do we have any favorites in common? What did you use in the last month?


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