Mermaid Makeup Brushes – Review


Taaaa daaaaaa. And, finally, I prepared one cosmetic post 🙂 It’s only a short break from all the fashion posts because you can expect more of the fashion theme in my next posts.

I think I already mentioned how I can never have enough of brushes and when I’m buying them, I like to buy the whole set and then I take the ones I like the most and the rest I gift to my friends or I usually find some cool use for them, like applying the facial mask with the help of these brushes I’m not using for my makeup.

Just let me notify you right at the beginning that you can find the actual prize contest on my Facebook page where you can win this beautiful brush set 🙂

I chose these brushes as a part of the cooperation with the Zaful web page and, of course, I was also thinking about you so I ordered another set right away for you 🙂 I also ordered some bracelets, necklace and blue rhinestone earrings but about that I will do another post. The price for this set is 8.43 $, and here you can find the LINK in case you decide to order them right away. The brushes arrived in the 10-day period which is the usual case with this web shop.

I decided against describing each brush separately this time which is usually my modus operand, instead I’m only going to say a couple of words about the ones I find the best, and about the ones I don’t like so much I’m just going to share my general impressions.

The thing you can notice right away with these brushes is that they look perfect. I think I haven’t seen in a while a design that is more beautiful, and here I was thinking the unicorn brushes were the most beautiful ones you can find 😀 They’re light and they’re all made of synthetic hairs. This set contains 15 brushes and most of the it’s intended for your eyes. There’s also one eyebrow brush and then the fan brush for the highlighters. In the set I got, one brush was kind of broken, meaning it was missing the hairs 😀 I washed these brushes so many times by now and I’m happy that the hairs aren’t falling out at all. Well, at least for now 🙂

In case you still don’t know, my eyes are really small, my lids are, that is, so I’m not a real fan of the bigger brushes and this is why these brushes are my favorites. This first brush from the top is perfect for the corner of the eye. The fourth brush is ideal to apply the transition colors and you can easily give your eyes depth with a bit stronger shades. The last brush is ideal to blend the eyeshadows and I could use a whole set of brushes like these.

For these brushes, I would mention they’re not working so good for me. I don’t know how much you can see on the photo, but they’re cut straight and they’re simply not good enough. And they’re also big.

The rest of the brushes is good and I can’t find any minuses for them. But, the 6 brushes are my true favorites, while the other 3 I’m not so pleased with and I think they’re bad. I had a chance to try out really a lot of brushes, from the cheap ones to the expensive ones and I can easily tell you that this is a very good set if you’re a beginner because in it you will find everything you need for applying your eye makeup, and you won’t end up spending too much money.

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How do you like these brushes? Have you already ordered any brushes online?



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