MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink – Dreamer, Lover i Creator


I think you all already know about my love for lipsticks, but when I was moving, I gave most of mine away and I only kept the ones I wear the most. It’s true that even now I have too many of them, but I really rotate them and I use all of them which is a good thing.

There’s been a couple of months now that these lipsticks came out and as soon as I saw them I wanted to try them out because I really like the colors and I don’t have problems with dry lips anymore so I decided to buy 3 colors. The colors I got are: Dreamer, Lover and Creator.

These lipsticks come in a simple, lovely package with white cap, and the rest of it is in the color of the lipstick inside. The amount you get is 5 ml. The price you pay for it is 15€ in Boots, but you can always find some discounts or good offers like for example, if you buy two you get third for free. There are 10 colors available.

Right at the beginning, I’m going to say I liked these lipsticks a lot, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they will be the same for the rest of you because everyone has their own criteria what they like or don’t like.
First of all, these lipsticks left me thrilled with their pigmentation level. Each of the three colors is really high pigmented, especially Lover and Creator. Dreamer is the lightest of these three colors and it’s maybe slightly less pigmented, but still on a very high level nevertheless.
The applicator is a sponge type and it’s in fact really precise and you can easily apply the lipstick with it. For the colors Love and Dreamer only one layer is enough for me and I manage to cover my whole lips, but in case your lips are a bit plumper then you’re maybe going to need two layers. Only for the Dreamer color I need two layers so that it heightens the shade a bit more.


After you apply the lipstick you have 10 minutes for sure until it’s dry and becomes completely matte, which is something that could bother some of you. After that period, they’re slightly sticky (for me, only the Lover color didn’t get sticky at all), but I forget about that very fast.

What surprised me the most is how long they last. Lover literally stays on my lips from the moment I put it on until the moment I remove it. I can eat, drink and it’s still going to stay. The other two colors are not lasting so long in case you’re eating and then they start to fade from the inner edge towards outside. In case you’re not eating it will for sure last 8 to 10 hours. The purple Creator color I can simply fix after eating with applying another layer, but that’s not the case with Dreamer color. It doesn’t look so good after you reapply it so you’d need to remove it completely before applying a new layer.


The aroma of the lipsticks is awesome, Dreamer and Lover remind me slightly of caramel and of Baileys, and the Creator reminds me slightly on something chemical. They’re not drying out my lips which is, for me, the biggest plus, but then again, it’s also not that light, light formula where you can’t even feel like you’re wearing it. My lips used to be awful and they were constantly dry and slightly chipped, but this year I don’t have problems with that at all and these lipsticks really fit me.


Now, just a short review about the colors. The color 10 Dreamer is light pink shade, 15 Lover is a beautiful mauve shade and 35 Creator is purple shade. Creator is my favorite regarding the shade, I wear it all the time and I’m kind of crazy about purple colors on my lips and this has been going on for a while now. But i really think it fits me good.

Dreamer, Lover, Creator

My only complaint is that it’s really hard to remove. Even with some two-phase products I’m having some trouble.

To end my post, I’d like to say I really liked these lipsticks, but I also can understand the ones among you that won’t like them as much. Some of you won’t like the time it needs to dry and the slightly sticky feeling which is ok, but that didn’t bother me. I think that these colors are different in the quality which is something I already mentioned comparing them so I think it would also be interesting to try out some other colors from this line. These lipsticks definitely have thumbs up from me!

Have you already tried the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lipsticks? Which color do you like the most?



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