MAYBELLINE Colorama Nail Polish #83


maybelline colorama lak za nokte

Hey everyone,

This nail polish I got only recently and it replaced my number one Essie Funny face very fast. I didn’t like Colorama nail polishes so much before because of their durability that was not so great, but with this one here I’m really thrilled. Continue reading and find out my impression about it and take a look at the photos.

maybelline colorama lak za nokte 83

Maybelline nail polish comes in a small bottle in the amount of 7 ml and its price is 20 Croatian Kuna, In the sun the color of this nail polish is a beautiful pink shade and honestly I think I have a lot of similar and maybe even to much shades of this color. And definitely I wear shades like this during the whole year mostly.

maybelline colorama lak

The brush is a bit thicker so the polish is very easy to apply. You need to apply two layers to get a nice and even color and it dries very quickly. I’ve noticed that it’s spending very fast because after I used it for only two times I noticed that there’s a lot of it missing in the bottle, but that wasn’t to important for me. At least I’ll manage to spend it completely. What really left me amazed is the endurance of this nail polish. For me, it’s usually enough if the nail polish lasts for four days because it’s my habit to apply a new one after that. But with this nail polish after a full weak, my nails were still looking like they were freshly coated. It didn’t move an inch even and that left me amazed. I did the usual chores like dish washing, cleaning, but the polish was still durable. After a week it was a bit chipped at the tips, but I still didn’t remove it because I was in a bit of a hustle so I just used the nail file on the tips and it looked great. I really was amazed with that because none of the polishes I have lasts longer than four days.

maybelline colorama lak za nokte u nijansi 83

I liked this nail polish really much and I definitely plan to buy another of Maybelline Colorama nail polishes and in one of my next shopping’s I plan to purchase a different shade.

How do you like this shade? Do you like Maybelline Colorama nail polishes?


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