These days, really, each cosmetics brand has their own contour palette. I like contours, but let’s say I’m also more of a fan of highlighters because my face is kind of small so if I do contours then it looks gaunt and hollow 😀 So, I’m not so big on collecting contouring palettes which is something I can’t say for the highlighters 😀 Basically, before this one I had another one from Makeup Revolution, but with the transparent lid, it was great but when my baby girl got her hand on it. It wasn’t so great anymore ☹ That one had some better colors, but I’m also satisfied with this one.

This palette comes in a shiny, black, plastic box, with a golden logo. Inside you will find a big mirror and 8 contouring and highlighting colors. This palette has 13 grams, the expiration period is 12 months. The price is 12 €. I bought it in the pharmacy but it’s also available on the TAMbeauty web page and Pink Panda.

The palette contains 5 matte and 3 shimmer colors. I’d say the first two colors are in fact fixing foundations and the other two are highlighters. In the second row, the first three colors are the contour colors and the last one that looks like a bronzer, I’d say it’s better suited to be a highlighter.

First of the colors I use to fix the base of the eyeshadows. The second one is the cult banana color which I don’t really use because I have the banana fixing foundation. The third color is a light highlighter for days when you don’t want to glow too much. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. And the last in the first row is also a highlighter which is highly pigmented and to me it’s too glossy for that, but it works great for the inner corner of my eye. It’s ideal for that area.

The second row contains three matte contouring colors which are great. Their pigmentation level is great, maybe even too high so you must be careful when you apply them. It’s enough even if you just tap it with the brush slightly. I mix all the colors together and they work good on my face like that. Also, I think they will work better on warmer skin sub tone. Last of the colors is this wonderful, light highlighter, a bit higher pigmented than the one from the row number one and it’s awesome.

The texture is beautiful, buttery, soft and they’re easy to apply and blend together. They’re not powdery even the slightest and the pigmentation level is, like I already mentioned, great.

In case you want to try the contouring, and you wouldn’t like to pay too much money for that, I think this palette is great for you. Honestly, there’s no need for me to browse for other palettes because I’m very satisfied with this one and I’m going to continue using it until it’s either empty or my baby girl gets her hands on it again 😀

Do you like contouring? Have you already tried this palette?


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