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Sierra  bees i Love & Toast lip butter

Since I’ve been shopping for a longer period now over the Iherb web page and the products I find there leave me positively surprised almost every time, I decided to start a new category with all the product from the same page I love really much. I decided to name it as the title says: In love with Iherb. Besides cosmetic products, I also buy some other products there I like to write about also and I hope you’ll like this category too. For today I chose two products that I love really a lot and they are: Sierra Bees: Bumpy Road Salve and Love & Toast green tea & mint lip butter.

Sierra  bees i Love & Toast lip butter  recenzija

Love & Toast by Margot Elena green tea & mint lip butter

Love & Toast lip butter

You already all know how much I love lip balms in any sort and kind and one of my latest favorites is definitely this lip butter. I bought it long time ago and I’ve been using it also for a long time now and it’s really about time I wrote a couple of words about it. I found this brand for the first time on Iherb and the hand creams there caught my eye with their colorful packaging that is very much alike to the L’occitane ones. But in the end I decided to try this butter first considering my lips get dry really a lot. To me this packaging is a bit unusual for lip butters because in my head there’s always the image of it being in some jar or some flat container. So, seeing it like this in a stick was really a nice positive surprise. The packaging is this wonderful striped mint stick that comes in the amount of 4,25 grams with the expiration date of 12 months. The price for it is 2.99 $.

Love & Toast by Margot Elena green tea & mint lip butter

This lip butter (although I wouldn’t name it butter) cares for your lips nicely and gives them hydration. It makes your lips have this nice light glossy finish, but nothing to much. After you apply it, it starts to give you a slight cooling effect, but that really lasts for only a short time, not more than five minutes which I think is a real shame because I really like that cooling feeling. Since my lips are really prone to drying out, I use it often before I apply my lipstick and with this my matte lipsticks are also a lot easier to apply too. For someone who doesn’t have lips prone too drying out I wouldn’t recommend to use this as a base under the lipstick because it might make the lipstick smudge over your lip edges. After you use this butter, your lips will be soft and nourished and that won’t be just the momentary effect. It has a nice aroma, not too much minty. In my opinion, this product lasts to short because I manage to empty it really fast, but then again, I’m using it also very often. The product is natural and organic and it’s not containing any parabene, sulphates or mineral oils.

Love & Toast by Margot Elena green tea & mint lip butter recenzija

Sierra Bees: Bumpy Road Salve

Sierra Bees: Bumpy Road Salve

This is another product I’m using for a longer time now but not all the time. To me this is like a sort of an SOS product I could recommend to everyone of you to have it in your purse. It’s made for all skin types and you can use it for all kind of purposes, like with bruises, scrapes, with irritated skin or as a lip balm. I’m using this product for my lips and when I got a cold then for the area around my nose. When I catch a cold and my nose starts to run I simply blow my nose so much that the area under my nose gets really red and really dry and I actually get a scab and y skin starts to peel. And that happened also recently and then I started to use this product and it really helped me reduce the problems by half. The redness and the dry feeling disappear right away. Also, if your lips are really damaged it will help really great. I also use it for the skin around my nails and the area around the nails. I do that once a week and it works great for that.

Sierra Bees: Bumpy Road Salve recenzija

The applying is a little bit difficult because its texture is a bit rough and I warm it up with my hand a bit before I use it so it melts easier. It’s oily and it reminds me maybe also of Melem. The packaging is a bit awkward because you have to take it out with your fingers so I’m always using this when I’m home so I avoid touching it with dirty fingers and it’s a bit harder to open. It has the aroma of the bees wax which is also one of the ingredients of this product.
This product is also not containing any sulphates. It’s not tested on animals.

Sierra Bees: Bumpy Road Salve recenzija sastav

The amount of the product is 17 grams but I think it will last really long time because you need really a small amount when you use it. Its price is 2.81$.

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