L’OREAL Two-Phase Eye and Lips Makeup Remover – Review


L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač make-upa za oči i usne

Hello there my lovelies,
for today I prepared a review of the L’Oreal two-phase eye and lip make-up remover that was already once in my monthly favorites.

L’Oreal two-phase make-up remover is intended to remove waterproof and long-lasting make-up. The product comes in a plastic bottle in the amount of 125 ml with the expiration period of 6 months. I’m not 100 % sure about it’s price but I think it was around 40 Croatian Kuna. You can buy it in DM, Bipa, Muller stores.

L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač make-upa za oči i usne recenzija

This product is use in the way that you shake the bottle first so the water and oil can get mixed together and then you put it on the cotton pad. I hold the cotton pad for a couple of seconds on my eye and then I remove my make-up slowly. This product removes my eye make-up without any trouble, although I have to emphasize that ever since I started using this product I didn’t use any waterproof mascara so I can’t tell you exactly how it’s working on removing that. The regular mascaras it removes without any trouble. This product has no fragrance at all so you won’t be bothered by that if you don’t like fragranced products. On the product it says that it was intended for sensitive eyes, and considering mine are not sensitive (I’ve noticed they only get sensitive during the winter time) I really can’t tell how it would work for the ones among you that have problems with their eyes being sensitive. This product didn’t irritate or sting my eyes and it happened that it got into my eyes a couple of times.

L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač make-upa

This product didn’t dry out the area around my eyes which is a big plus in my book because this is what usually happens to me with this type of products. It won’t leave a strong oily residues after you used it but no matter that I still like to wash my face after I’ve used it. I also tried this make-up remover to remove my lipsticks and it also worked great.

L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač make-upa recenzija

The only flaw about this product I found is the packaging itself. It happens that every time I start to use this product, it spills over my cotton pad.

L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač make-upa dojmovi

In my opinion the price range and the quality you get is justified and I’m going to buy this product again fro sure.

L'oreal dvofazni odstranjivač make-upa za oči i usne sastav

Did you already try this product out? What eye make-up removers are you using?


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