L’OREAL Sublime Fresh – Deep Pure Foaming Water


Hi everyone,
up until now you could’ve noticed I’m writing a lot about face cleaning products and that I simply love to try new products in this category. I’ve been avoiding foams for too long now because I’ve been thinking they’re going to dry my skin out and then I decided to finally put an end to that conclusion and I decided to try this praised L’Oreal foaming water.

L’oreal sublime fresh foaming water comes in a plastic, green bottle in the amount of 150 ml. The expiration period is 6 months. It’s available to buy at the Dm, Kozmo, Bipa, Muller… Its price is around 40 Croatian Kuna but I’m going to give you the exact price when I find my receipt. It’s intended for normal and mixed skin and it’s not containing no soaps or alcohol.

What does the manufacturer say about the product?

Foaming water for impurities removing, enriched with bubbles that clean your skin and remove the make-up residues and impurities from your face and eyes giving them intensive freshness.
Use: In the morning and in the evening massage onto wet skin and rinse out good. Tested under dermatological and ophtalmological supervision.

My opinion

In the beginning I was thinking I’m going to use this foaming water only in the morning because I really love those fresh face washes in my morning rituals. But I ended up liking it so much that I started to use it also in the evening so it lasted really for a short while, maybe for a month and as you can see on the photos it’s already empty. But I’m planning to hop by the DM store and buy another one because I want to buy this one again for sure.
This face wash is a great morning choice because it removes all the impurities that have gathered up during the night and it gives your face the feeling of freshness and help you wake up and combined with the Pixi glow tonic my morning really can’t start in a better way.

So, when you press on the pump, the white foam will come out that is looking pretty firm but it isn’t really. For my morning ritual only one press on the pump is enough while for my evening ritual I’m using two pump presses. In the evening I’m using it after I already took my make-up off so it cleans all the make-up residues that might be left. And it works really great with my Foreo. I tried to remove also some lighter make-up with this foam and it does that work great but still I like to use my micellar solution first and after that the foaming water.

The feeling it leaves on my skin is fresh, clean and soft to touch skin. My sensitive skin didn’t have any negative reactions with this foaming water, such as tension of the skin, redness, acne and similar. And what’s the most important, it didn’t dry my skin out.

This is my first foaming water but not the last one and I already have the Uriago foaming water at home. I already mentioned how this one is empty almost, it’s still left maybe for one use and I’m going to buy a new one for sure. My only problem is that I emptied it really fast.

Did you already try L’Oreal foaming water for impurities removing? Do you maybe have some recommendation for some other foam which you really like?


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