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My lovelies,

Couple of days ago I got my package with L’oreal Color Riche Exclusive La Vie en Rose lipstick collection* and that’s why I decided to introduce these lipsticks today. Continue reading and find out what impression I had on them.

l'oreal color riche

Those among you, that have been following me for a while now sure know that, when decorative cosmetics in question are, lipsticks are my first love and that’s why this package was something that really made me happy. Matte lipsticks are not usually my favorite ones, because they always dry my lips out and they don’t look really that special on my lips (the only exception is MAC Rubby woo). That’s why I’m among the people that pick a slighter lighter lipsticks that are pigmented, they don’t have to be matte necessarily and what’s the most important thing is that they’re not drying me out.

Naomi, Blake, Eva, J.Lo

After their wonderful red collection, L’Oreal introduced four new pink matte colors that are carefully created so each one of us can choose the shade that fits her skin tone the best. Let me remind you how the Pure Reds collection was highly pigmented, lasting and completely matte. So, it is really everything the matte lipstick lovers can wish for.

Naomi, Blake, Eva, J.Lo

The lipstick collection Color Riche Exclusive La Vie en Rose from L’Oréal Paris includes: Naomi’s delicate rose, Eva’s delicate rose, Blake’s delicate rose i J.Lo’s delicate rose.

My opinion
The lipsticks come in a nice black-golden packaging that is really of great quality and the lipstick won’t open in your purse for sure. The pigmentation is middle strong, and the least pigmented is the shade Naomi’s Delicate rose which is also the lightest shade. You can also boost up the shades with applying 2 or 3 layers but still you won’t get the full pigmentation as you see on the photos. The shades Blake’s and J. Lo’s Delicate Rose get a bit like layered too much on the inside of your lips which you can see on my photo too. I also wouldn’t say that these colors are completely matte because in the beginning there is like a slight gloss but that disappears after a while. Considering the long lasting part, for me all the shades lasted for around 4 hours after which they started to fade away. They survived the drinks but not the food too. In my opinion, these lipsticks are easy to apply, they’re not dry and they glide over your lips very easily. The thing I didn’t like is the feeling I got after an hour and that was the feeling of my lips getting tense and drying out. But, as I wrote before, my lips react like that with most of the matte lipstick because they’re really prone to drying out.

Naomi, Blake, Eva J.Lo

I really like the colors and especially Eva’s Delicate Rose which is my favorite. Only the Naomi doesn’t fit me at all but that one will fit some woman with lighter tan for sure.


Radiant shade with a slight orange pigmentation will give Your light tan brilliance.


Pink shade with a hint of warm tones. It goes great with a darker tan and it highlights Your skin tan even more.
This one is my favorite and it’s a really nice color for everyday look.


This is an intensive pink shade. Remarkable and irresistible, carefully combines the delicacy of the pink color and the seduction of the red one.
You can notice here how this shade looks really dark on the photo here but when you apply it to your lips it’s a completely different story.


This is a mallow shade, it’s a symbol of class and smoothness. To light skin tones it’ll give the look of freshness and sophistication.
This is the lightest shade here which, unfortunately, doesn’t go at all with my skin tone.

The price for the lipsticks is 93,90 Croatian Kuna.
So, you’ll either love these lipsticks or you’re going to ignore them completely. It all depends what you’re looking for in a lipstick. If you love matte lipsticks then it would be really good if you take a look at the red collection if you didn’t already.

In the day light: Naomi, Eva, Blake, J.Lo

With flash: Naomi, Eva, Blake, J.Lo

Which color do you like the most? Did you already maybe try any lipstick in this collection?
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