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njega usana favoriti

The fall is coming really fast and that’s the time when I start to give my lips more care and nourishment. I’ve decided to prepare a post with my favorite product in lip balms which I’ve been using for years now to avoid dry lips.

I’ve tried really a lot of different lip balms and lip creams and although I’ve found my favorites I still like to try these types of products because I never know when I’m going to find something really good again. In spring and summer I really don’t have a problem with dry lips so then I’m using really all kinds of lip care products. But in this colder period of the year those problems come and my lips start to get dry and start to crack. There’s really no help at all from any Labello, Rosal, Balea, Vaseline or similar things. In this post I didn’t write any ingredients of these products. I’ve only written my short opinion on them.

green girl cherry lips

Before I start writing anything, let me tell you that I do a lip scrub at least two times a week. There’s really not much to say about it, no big philosophy there, you really can use also some home made scrub if you like to do that. In case I want a bit rougher scrub then I’m using Lush scrub and if I like something gentler then that’s a job for the Green girl scrub.

nuxe reve de miel

One of my favorites is Nuxe Reve de Miel balm which you probably already heard about. I find this product here great. I’m using it when my lips are extremely dry. Considering it comes in a small jar I’m using it only when I’m at home because I hate to stick my dirty fingers in the balm. In case my lips are really dry, most of the time I’m putting it on in a thick coating before I go to sleep In case I didn’t take a good care of my lips and their hydration and they’re really in a bad shape (and trust me that happens really a lot) this balm solves my problem in two days without any problems at all. Its texture is a bit funny and on my lips it doesn’t look appealing at all. Most of you are going to say that the aroma is great but I really don’t find it that great. It’s honey flavored but to me it’s really more important it does what it’s intended to really good.

dior lip glow color reviver balm

The second product is Dior Lip Glow color reviver balm and this is my xy package (as in I really lost count on how many times I bought it again). It’s definitely my all time favorite and I’m planning to buy this one as long as they’re going to sell it. It’s almost empty so I have to buy a new one. I don’t know its current price; I know it’s a bit expensive and that it’s getting empty quite fast but I can tell you it’s definitely worth every single penny you pay for it. So when my lips get into their dry phase and the lipsticks dry them even more out and then they look ugly on lips like that, this is my savior product. It repairs my lips not only on the outside but also deep within. If I were a bit smarter, I’d be using this during the whole winter and my dry lip problems would be gone. But what can I say, the desire to wear lipsticks is stronger that that. It gives my lips a beautiful pink color and I’ve already been asked a lot of times when I was wearing it, what I have on my lips. But, another thing is, when my sister puts it on her lips she says it’s a complete disaster on her lips. So my advice to you is, if you ever decide to buy it, try it before you buy it. This lip balm has a SPF 10. I know it’s not a big SPF but better something than nothing. It’s my recommendation to all of you that are having problems with dry and cracked lips during those cold winter days. It’s really great to give your lips good care and hydration and with all of that, it’s also going to give your lips a nice color. Its menthol fragrant and when you put it on you’re going to have a light cooling effect on your lips, but that’s not lasting too long.

eos balzami

The third product that’s working really great for me is EOS balms. I’m not using those when damage already happened on my lips. I use them on daily basis. They revealed themselves as much more efficient than Labello, Rosal, Burt Bees or any similar lip balms. I’m not going to write too much about these because I’ve recently written a whole review on them and you can read it here.

So, here you have it, my favorites in products that I use when my lips are dry and cracked and they need all the extra care they can get. If you have any product that makes you thrilled, write to me and I’ll be glad to try that out.

Did you try any of the products you read about here? Which lip balms are you using?



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