LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS Shampoo and Conditioner With Safflower Oil and Blueberry


My lovelies, for today I prepared for you the review Le petit marseillais shampoo and conditioner that recently arrived to our market. Hair line consists out of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks for three types of hair: for dry and damaged, colored and normal hair. I’ve tested the shampoo and conditioner for colored/damaged hair, so in the lines that follow you can read if those two products have made an impact on me.

Shampoo with safflower oil and blueberry

For strengthening of the hair that is weakened by coloring and for the up keeping of the brilliance of the color. It nourishes intensely and your hair will become softer, and its natural protection will become stronger. With this care, the hair color will keep the brilliance longer. The safflower oil is used because of its nutritive values, and blueberry because it’s rich in antioxidants and is known for its protective features
The shampoo package is a 250 ml Bordeaux red bottle, and the date of expire is 12 months after opening. The price is 20 Kuna.

Conditioner with safflower oil and blueberry

For the upkeep of the colored hair and for easier detangling without pulling on the hair while combing. Your hair will be completely untangled. With the conditioner, the hair will become softer, and its natural protection strengthened. With this care your color will stay vibrant and brilliant for a longer time.
The conditioner comes in a 200 ml tube packaging with the expiration date valid for 12 months after opening. For the conditioner you’ll need aproximatelly 22 kuna.

My impressions:

My hair is colored, very tangle prone and is often without shine, so what I’m looking for in a hair product is that after the use my hair gets untangled very easy and that it looks healthy. Le Petit Marseillais left me thrilled with its thingies for shower (for which I’m going to publish a review in the next couple of days), so guided by my experience I decided to buy the shampoo and the conditioner. But, unfortunately, I don’t share the same opinion as in the shower creams. Why I’m not satisfied? After the first hair washing, after I dried my hair with the hairdryer, I had the feeling that I didn’t wash my hair at all, and when I touched my hair near the roots, it felt greasy, like I didn’t rinse out good. I was really thinking it was my fault so I decided to give it another try, but the same thing happened the next time. But, I didn’t want to give in, so I used the same shampoo for the next couple of washings, and the hair looked a little bit better, but I still had the feeling like my hair was only half washed. After what I think was my fifth attempt, I decided I wouldn’t use the shampoo anymore, but I gave the conditioner another chance in a combination with another different shampoo. And I could really feel the difference. I stuck to the conditioner to the end because I was really lured with the fragrance of it, because it holds on the hair for a very long time after usage. The hair itself is soft after I used it and is very easy to detangle, but any other extra effect I can’t say I noticed.
The conditioner is thick and white in color, and you need to leave it in for a minute. The shampoo is also white, it’s not so thick but you need a very small amount for the whole hair for one washing.

I have to admit, I had great expectations for this shampoo and conditioner, but unfortunately I am disappointed and I don’t plan to buy the products from this line again. But still, I might give the green line another chance. The shampoo and the conditioner are very affordable concerning the price, so it doesn’t mean that if they didn’t go good with me that they won’t be good for someone of you. I’d recommend you try it out

Did you already try Le Petit Marseillais shampoos and hair conditioners and what are Your impression?

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