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Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed how pretty much no one is writing anything about false eyelashes, and since I’m using them very often, I’ve decided to write you mini reviews about the ones I’ve been using and how I liked them.

Honestly, I would love to have false eyelashes on all the time and I’d like to put extensions, but I simply don’t have the time for that to go in every week and fix them and lie around for couple of hours till someone applies them. And, then, after a week they start to fall off and then it all looks pretty lame to me and then I start to pluck them off myself. This is why I decided to use the one-time use lashes. Let’s say I put them on three times a week, but somehow, I always manage to mess it up somehow. ? I don’t know how, because when I apply them to someone else it’s all pretty simple, but when I do it for myself, I end up messing it all up right in the corner of my eye.

My eyes are kind of small so the one thing all these false eyelashes have in common is that I have to cut every one of them to make them fit my eyes. The glue I use to apply them is Aurora, it’s white in color and I can say I’m pretty satisfied with it. So, I’m not going to repeat this for each of the eyelashes type because this is the thing they all have in common in my case.


Ardell eyelashes were actually one of the firsts I tried out and they’re the reason I fell in love with the false eyelashes. They say that Ardell the leading brand considering false eyelashes is and this is one of the main reasons I started with them. They have a very thin, almost invisible edge, so it’s not like with the most eyelashes that have that line and this is something that makes them extremely easy to wear and once you apply them, you don’t even feel you’re wearing them. They don’t have any weight at all and they won’t bother you even a bit. Ardell really offers a variety of them, but I always buy these Natural ones because they really do look natural and they boost up your whole look. They’re nice and oval shaped so it’s not really hard to apply them because of their eye-like shape. They give you a slight volume so they’re really great for everyday looks. Price: 6 €.


I’ve read somewhere that the Primark false eyelashes really great are and considering how you can buy them at a really affordable price, I decided to try them out. Their Natural kind is a complete fail. On the root line, they have this light line and they’re really light, but I just can’t find a way to make them stick. With the Primark eyelashes, you also get the glue which is completely useless. These are only my impressions, maybe they’re really great for some of you, but for me they didn’t work at all. When I tried to apply them with the Aurora glue, I managed to make them stick somehow, but I also don’t like how they look and they seem pretty lame to me.
The Volume ones are really thick, lush eyelashes that I like definitely more than the Natural ones and I like to wear them really a lot. They’re maybe more fit for some dramatical look, but to me they’re really normal accessory in my everyday combinations. Price: € 1,50.


As you can see, the YOShop eyelashes are very much alike if not even the same as the Ardell ones. Without the line and really light to wear so you don’t even feel you’re wearing them. In fact, it’s pretty much the same like with the Ardell’s. They’re ideal for the everyday combinations. On the inner side, they’re a bit smaller, and longer towards the outer side, slightly curved. One small minus remark is that they’re really kind of fragile and this is why you have to be really cautious while you’re taking them out because it can easily happen that they break during the process. So, the best solution is to take them out really slowly with the help of tweezers. The good thing is that for the price of $ 1,60 you get 6 pairs. They’re good for applying up to 2 times, but not more because they get deformed. I ordered these eyelashes over the YOshop webpage and I want to mention that they arrived within 10 days max from the date of the order and there are also more than 100 varieties of the eyelashes you can order. Here is the LINK for the eyelashes I have. I’m sure I’m going to try out other eyelashes from this brand.


These eyelashes were also a part of the cooperation order from the TOSAVE web page and as you may have noticed, I developed a small fetish with ordering false eyelashes. ? I have to admit that these here are one of my favorite eyelashes. For the price of $2,14, they are very good in quality which really amazed me. They have a bit thicker edge, but it’s not uncomfortable, it’s actually really easy to apply to your eyelashes roots. These eyelashes are lush and they’re maybe better fit for a more dramatical look when you want to make your eyes look really spectacular. They go from smaller length, then they’re the longest in the middle and then they’re shorter again towards the end. They’re also good for 2 applications. I’m leaving you the LINK for the page I ordered them from, but it’s going to take a bit longer until they arrive to your address, no less than 3 weeks for sure. They have another great website for hair extensions with I really recommend. Here is the LINK.


iEnvy eyelashes come in a lot of different varieties and I tried these along with another natural lashes, but I’m not sure what’s the name of them. These give you a really nice volume and they really seem to me like extensions on your eyes. They are really of great quality and you can easily wear them up to 3 or 4 times. The glue you get with them I’m not so pleased with and I never use it. I think the price I paid for them was €3,50 and I bought them in Primark.


Suzan is an Irish blogger who launched her own false eyelashes collection and I was so happy when I saw them in Primark, but right at the start I was repelled by the price. I think that the price for one package was €6,00. I was thinking they have to be great like the Ardell ones considering the price and they looked really awesome. But, when I started to apply them, the disappointment followed. They’re really inflexible, they’re hard to shape to fit the eye and they’re not comfortable at all when I’m wearing them. They really seem heavy on my eyelids and I can feel having them on. Unfortunately, I didn’t like them at all and I wouldn’t buy them again for sure.

I hope I managed to help you at least a little bit in choosing the false eyelashes in case you want to wear them. In my opinion, the ones from the online stores are really a great bargain in case you would like to apply the eyelashes often. And if you’re more into a professional choice, then I’d definitely recommend the Ardell and iEnvy from the ones I tried out so far.

I don’t want to stuff this post with too many photos and this is why I’m going to leave you a LINK for my Instagram profile where you can see how these eyelashes look on my eyes because each photo was tagged with the brand I was wearing ?

Do you like false eyelashes? Which ones are your favorite ones?

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