LA Splash Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Seductress and Tiramisu




I already promised I’m going to write more about all matte liquid lipstick I own in my next posts, so today it’s time to tell you about LA Splash liquid lipsticks, colors Tiramisu and Seductress. Continue reading and find out if I’m satisfied with them like I am with the Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks.

LA Splash liquid lipsticks were bought over the Beauty Bay web page for a price of 12,90 €. Their packaging is very similar to the Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks. It’s a matte tube with a pink-red colored cap.

lasplash liquid lipstick

These lipsticks are pretty much different from the Gerard lipsticks and I can’t say I’m very satisfied with them. But, I’m also not saying they are bad. So, let’s start in some order with what I like and what I don’t like.

The color pigmentation of these lipsticks is just perfect, one layer is enough for full coverage and once they’re dry, they won’t move or smudge. Their applicator is sponge-like and it’s a bit longer than on the Gerard lipsticks, but nevertheless it’s precise and easy to handle. After you apply them, they dry very fast and you can feel it on your lips because they dry your lips out also. Once they’re dry there won’t be no smudging or transferring, they resist everything. They also somehow give your lips a heavy feeling and I wouldn’t say they’re very comfortable to wear. The Tiramisu shade makes me forget about this fact somehow and I pretend like it doesn’t feel like that, but in case the colors were average, I wouldn’t stand this feeling for anything : D On your lips, they look completely matte, they won’t break or crumble with time. You can see on the lips how dry they are, but the dry look is not really ugly so it doesn’t seem like your lips are almost falling apart. They don’t leave any residue and they don’t move no matter what you eat. So, regarding the durability, you don’t have to worry a bit, because they will last until you decide to take them off yourself. I’d say that these are the most permanent of all the liquid lipsticks I own in my collection. I take them off with my two-phase remover, because, honestly, with only my micellar solution, I’m not able to remove them.

la splash seductressSeductress

So, for someone with dry lips, these lipsticks would be a real nightmare. My lips are prone to drying out so I don’t use them that much as I would like, because after I take them off, I can feel the tension in my lips. There’s one more thing I didn’t get comfortable with these lipsticks, and the thing is, when you apply them, although they may look really dry, there’s still this strange sticky feeling present all the time. I’m not even sure how to describe it right because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing lip-gloss, but your lips still feel somehow sticky.

la splash tiramisuTiramisu

The colors I chose are Tiramisu and Seductress. Seductress is a neutral mauve shade, while Tiramisu looks brown with a neutral sub tone. It’s a color you either love or hate, and I simply love it. It’s very similar to Iced Mocha, but somehow more special.

Seductress, Tiramisu

I think, these lipsticks are really good considering the quality in the durability and pigmentation, but I just somehow can’t get over the dry feeling on my lips so I don’t think I would buy them again. I would rather buy another piece of Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks.

Seductress, Tiramisu

Have you tried any of the LA Splash liquid lipsticks? What are your favorites when lipsticks like these are in question?


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