KYLIE COSMETICS Send Me More Nudes Velvet Liquid Lipstick – Review


Couple of weeks ago I showed you on my Facebook and Instagram profile pages the Kylie Velvet Lipstick set and considering the fact I got a lot of inquiries about how much satisfied I was, I decided to speed up the review a bit.

Kardashian/Jenner clan you either like or don’t, but to be honest, I’m totally neutral, I don’t follow their reality shows but I also know I like beautiful and good make up products. Up until these lipsticks, I hadn’t tried anything from their brand because every review I read about their matte lipsticks said they are very dry and those matte ones were the most interesting to me so I really didn’t want to order anything else.

When this collection came out, I knew right away I wanted this lipstick set because the colors are the colors I like and wear all the time. Especially now, when I’m using a lot of different colors on my eyes and this is why I need something neutral on my lips.

Velvet lipstick set comes in a gorgeous cardboard packaging with golden letters on it saying: Send Me More Nudes. Inside this set you can find four velvet liquid lipsticks, and those are: Naked, Birthday Suit, Commando and Bare. Each has 3 grams, and the price for this set is 45$. You can order it from the official Kylie cosmetics web page and they’re going to arrive within 10 work days. Now, they’re sold out and they only got matte version available, where you can find the same colors, only in matte version, but this page often refills their collections so it could easily happen they’re going to be available again soon. For your information, I ordered it to be shipped to Ireland and the shipping was 10$ and I had to pay the customs clearance also.

The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks, when I was trying them out, was their aroma which is indeed something wonderful. Up until now I never came across any lipstick that would smell better. The aroma is something between caramel and vanilla and it strongly reminds of the Baileys aroma: D

I was a bit scared about the lipstick texture considering what everyone wrote about their matte lipsticks and I was skeptical. But, to be honest, up until now, I never encountered a better formula for a lipstick. They’re so light on your lips that you have the feeling of wearing nothing at all on your lips. The pigmentation level is great and only one layer is enough to get full coverage. The applicator is spongy and pretty small which is great because like this you can apply the lipstick really precise. The permanence is also great, and if you’re only drinking something and have a light meal, they will last up to 7 hours and then they will start to come off on the inside edge of your lips. One small flaw I noticed is, for example, if you’re eating something greasy and you try to reapply the lipstick afterwards, it’s better to take it off completely and then apply a new layer. Because, if you’re trying to fix it and apply a new layer over the first one, then it will start to clog on the inside edge of your lips which won’t look too great after. The finish of these lipsticks is not completely matte, it’s velvety, and then again, without gloss. They didn’t dry my lips out even a bit.

Like I already mentioned in the beginning of this post, the colors you get inside of this set are: Naked, Birthday Suit, Commando and Bare and they’re all pretty much similar.

This is how they’re describing them on the official web page: Naked is a sandy beige. Birthday Suit is a nude warm beige. Commando is a terracotta beige. Bare is a nude pinky beige. Bare is my absolute favorite, it’s like I personally created this shade 😀

Someone asked me if you can compare them with the ColourPop lipsticks, but considering, I got only Ultra matte, and they’re different, so I can’t make a true comparison. The ColourPop’s are completely matte and they’re a bit more uncomfortable on my lips.

I’m more than satisfied with these lipsticks, I don’t think I ever tried a better formula and I’d like to buy some other velvet colors in case they’re going to release them. Honestly, this was a total surprise with a product.

Did you maybe try any of the Kylie products? Which one is your must-have color?


  1. I have been loving this set, especially the colour Bare. I’ve found the formula a lot more comfortable to wear compared to the matte range too!


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