KIKO Nail Polish Shade 389


My lovelies, for today I bring you my first review of a nail polish. As you could’ve read in the heading, I’m going to review Kiko nail polish shade 389, which you could’ve seen in my new post. Kiko cosmetics are an Italian brand that is unfortunately unavailable in our country, but you can easily order their stuff over their web shop. In the next lines you can read my impressions and you can see the swatch of the nail polish that unfortunately isn’t on my nails because they’re currently in pretty bad shape, since for my wedding I had gel put on them and after I took that off my nails look really bad.

When I was buying this nail polish, it looked like a really good mint shade, but it isn’t actually. In the artificial light the color looks different then live. To me it looks like something in-between some shade of green and blue. To be honest, I’ve been looking over some swatch pictures on line and most of them in the end don’t even look close to the color it’s supposed to be. I’ve took couple of pictures in the day light, and it’s really hard to capture the real color of it. In the bottle it looks different then it looks on the nails.

The nail polish has a classic thin brush which is very easy to handle. I usually prefer the ones that are a bit thicker, like the Golden rose nail polishes have, but with this one also you can put the polish very easy on your nail. As for the texture, one layer isn’t enough, because you can see the marks underneath, so I always put two layers on the nail, and that isn’t a problem because the polish dries very quickly.

The nail polish on my nails lasts for four days easily and it looks the same as it did on the day you put it on your nails. Although, I noticed that is the same with all the nail polishes I use. After day four, it fades a little bit on the tips so I then take the polish off.
The price of the polish itself was 1, 90 Euros, which is really a bargain. They have a lot of different shades so next time I’ll definitely go for some more colors.

Have You already tried Kiko nail polish? How do You like this shade?


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