My lovelies, for today I prepared the review of the Kiko lipstick in the shade Opulent Coral. This lipstick is from the Kiko collection Life in Rio where you can also find another five beautiful shades along with this one here. In the lines below read my impressions and look at the swatches.

The lipstick comes in a golden packaging, in the amount of 3 grams and the expiry date is 18 months. The price for this product is 8.50 euros.

The shade of this lipstick is really beautiful, a true coral color, which unfortunately I can’t catch fully on my lips. So you can count on that the color is looking the truest on the photos of the lipstick itself. The texture of the lipstick is creamy and it’s really easy applied. It’s really high pigmented, but you still need to apply two layers so it evens out nicely.

I like with this lipstick that its finish is really glossy like you out a layer of lip gloss over it. Although its texture is creamy, the lipstick will last for three or four hours without a problem in case you’re not eating, which is really enough for me. I wear it without the lip liner and it doesn’t spill over my lips and transfers to my teeth, although I usually don’t have problems with this
It’s really hydrating and it won’t dry your lips out.

Photo taken on the day light

I liked this lipstick really a lot because I usually like textures like these and I’m really sorry I didn’t buy another shade, but there will be more chances to do that. My only minus on this lipstick is that its tip is round and I prefer when the tip is pointy because I apply it much easier that way.

The upper photo is taken on the day light, lower in the shades.

How do you like this shade? Did you already try Kiko lipsticks?


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