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For a long time now I haven’t written anything about hair and hair care, and considering how a couple of months ago I changed this routine pretty much it’s time I also write a review about this serum I’ve been using for a couple of months now.

I have less and less time to spare for my hair and therefore it’s extremely important to me that the products I’m using are efficient. Kerastase shampoos are my favorites for, I think, almost two years now, but I found an alternative for them because their price is high and I’m going to write a review about these new products in another post. Two or three months ago I died my hair and highlighted the ends so a serum of a kind was necessary (because I pretty much have no time at all to use hair masks). I needed a serum that would protect my hair and prevent it from looking dry and rough. Let me just remind you what kind of hair I have. My hair is long, thick (well, not so long anymore like it used to be because I had it cut, but still it grows like crazy), it’s also prone to drying out and tangles very bad. Like I mentioned, I highlighted the lower part of my hair so the hairs got thinner and I get split ends very easy.

kerastase therapiste

Thérapiste line was specially designed for extremely damaged hair that has been through many hair treatments, which is dry, with split ends and with color that faded. When your hair is damaged it looks like it was burned and completely lifeless. This line of products has now 4 new extremely efficient products: Soin Premier Thérapiste, Bain Thérapiste bath, Masque Thérapiste hair mask and Sérum Thérapiste.
Whole line of products is available to buy on AMAZON (you can click for the link)

What do they say about this serum?

Double efficient, this product combines the care oil based which provides care for the hair fiber and creamy structure that cares and seals the ends. This subtle mixture of the revolutionary ingredients that are completely contradictory considering their formulas, gives your hair unique results. It also provides temperature protection for the hair fiber up to 230°C.

My opinion

Therapiste serum comes in a green-plastic bottle in the amount of 30 ml. It consists out of two parts that you squeeze out together and those are the transparent oil part and the creamy white one. The expiration period is 12 months. I bought it over the Feelunique web page for a price of 20 €, but you can also buy it on AMAZON.

Although I have less time to spare for my hair care, it doesn’t mean that I’m not careful what I’m going to use. I use less products but I’m extremely satisfied with the ones I use and there’s no need for more of them. This serum is one of those products and I can tell you right away, I don’t want to live without it anymore. I apply it with the towel dried hair in the way that I put two pump presses on my palms and then spread it a bit and then apply it from the hair middle all the way towards hair ends. This serum is strong, but its fragrance is nice and it’s not too aggressive and you can also smell it after I dry my hair.

I can see the effect of this serum right after I dry my hair because it’s soft and it looks healthy. I also tried to dry my hair without the serum, but then it’s very rough at touch, dry, lifeless and it’s not a nice sight. With this serum it’s all somehow light, soft, breezy, hydrated and it looks healthy like I already wrote. Also, another big plus is the fact that, after I use the serum, my hair is very easy to comb through, and after longer use it also tangles less so you can imagine my happiness because I’m one of those lucky girls that has hair full of small knots. Ever since I’ve been using this serum, I didn’t notice any split ends and I’m really curious how it’s going to look during the summer when my hair is much more damaged. Ever since I’m using this serum, I almost forgot about the use of hair masks because I almost get a similar effect with the serum, and it doesn’t have to stay on my hair 10-15 minutes 😀 I’m not going to talk about the ingredients because I’m really not the expert, but the results are great.

I know that this product a bit more expensive is, but you don’t spend it fast and I plan to buy it again because I haven’t been this satisfied with a product for a while now. I think this product is a great choice for dry and damaged hair and for the hair that has been through various treatments a lot. Big plus from me!

Are you using Kerastase products? Which product is your favorite one when hair care is in question? Write to me :*


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