KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Beloved and Mother


For a longer time now, on my wish list were the Kat Von D lipsticks, but somehow, they were always out of my reach and honestly, I didn’t try too hard to get them. But, then, when I could finally get to them, I bought two happy colors, considering the summer is very close. The colors I took are Beloved and Mother.

I’ve already written a lot posts about matte liquid lipsticks, and some of those are: Gerard Cosmetics, LA Splash, Essence and now it’s time to write about Kat Von D so I’m definitely going to make sure to compare them with all the others. And I still owe you a review for Colourpop liquid lipsticks.

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks come in black cardboard boxes with a silver inscription on them. Inside, you will find these beautiful plastic tubes in the color of the shade you bought. For me, this is a real refreshment because most of the lipsticks’ like these come in the matte packaging’s, and like this you can see the color you bought very nice and the lids are gorgeous, black with silver roses. The amount you get is 6,6 ml. The expiration period is 12 months. The price is 21 €.


The applicator is long and thin, but extremely easy to handle and you can coat your lips very precisely with it. The pigmentation is great and one layer is enough to cover your lips, but I use two and later I’m going to explain why. They dry very fast, but they still stay liquid long enough so you can work with them. It’s just the right amount of time needed for you to finish all you want. When they dry, they’re completely matte and they look really good on your lips. When I’m wearing them, I don’t have the feeling of having anything on my lips, especially not the one you have when you’re wearing matte lipsticks. So, the ones among you that have problems with dry lips, you don’t have to be scared to use these lipsticks because they won’t dry your lips out even a bit.


What I don’t really like with these lipsticks, is their permanence. When I’m using them, they don’t really last too long and they start to disappear from the inner side of my lips and that really gets on my nerves. I’d say that starts to happen after maybe two hours and in case I’m eating something, then it happens right after I eat. So, this is where I come back to applying two layers. First, I wait for the first layer to get dry and then I apply the second layer and I think then the lipstick lasts a bit longer. If I notice that they start to fade, then I apply another layer and they always look nice. Another good thing is, that, no matter the more layers, they don’t crumble and they don’t break or fall apart.

Beloved, Mother

The Beloved color is truly a beautiful shade, it really calls the spring and summer season out and I think I’m going to wear it all the time. Although, I’m not usually dividing lipsticks to summer or winter colors because you can see me wearing pretty much everything the whole year long, this color to me really looks like a summer color. It’s something between pink and orange, coral with warm sub tones. The color Mother is described as “dusty mauve pink”. I’d also say it’s definitely mauve pink.

Although, I’m a bit disappointed with the permanence, I like these lipsticks cause of their formula which doesn’t dry your lips out at all. Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are still my favorite cause of their permanence and also cause of their light formula. But, right next to them are these Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and I’m planning to get a couple of them for sure because the choice in colors they offer is really great.

How do you like these colors? What else can you recommend from the Kat Von D cosmetics brand?



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