JUVIA’S PLACE The Saharan 2 Palette – Review

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Hello everyone! 

We’re going to continue with some more palette reviews. It’s Juvia’s Place Saharan 2 palette’s turn now. You all know by now how much I love palettes, and Juvia’s place brand has its very own special place in my heart. They belong to my top 3 and each palette they make I like very much, and the quality doesn’t disappoint you ever. 

The Magic palette is the first one I bought from this brand and I already wrote a review on that one which you can find HERE. The Saharan palette was bought ages ago and it took me till this summer to use its full potential. It was one of the three I used during my vacation and I really used it a lot. 

So, I’m just going to repeat in a couple of words something about the brand. Juvias Place is an indie-makeup brand that became famous in record time and it’s known by its wonderful, highly pigmented eye-shadows. The founder of this brand is Chichi Eburu, a Nigerian woman who was frustrated with most of the palettes on the market being too low pigmented to use on darker skin tones. This was a reason she invented a perfect eye-shadow formula that is extra pigmented, and each palette was inspired by the African culture and art. 

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Where can you buy it? 

AMAZON – a little bit cheaper, depending on the seller

The Saharan palette was inspired by the colors of the Moroccan spices, herbs, cities, and their famous patterns. It comes in a beautiful, purple-yellow cardboard box and you might expect all kinds of colors inside, but no, the colors are complete opposites to the by itself. This palette contains 9 colors, 3 matte, and 6 shimmer ones, each the weight of 3,6 grams. This palette is smaller than The Magic palette and this is why I find it more convenient for traveling. 

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Let’s get right into describing the shades and later I’m going to finish it with overall review.

MARRAKESN – beautiful, golden-peachy shimmer shade. It’s maybe even more metallic than shimmery. In the sun it slightly seems like pink. For all the shimmer shades, in my opinion, it would be best if you apply them with your fingers so you get their full effect and I won’t repeat this for each shade separately. 

AZIZA – golden, champagne shade which is perfect to highlight under your eyebrows and the inner part of your eye. This shade is not so unique to me because I have some similar shades in my other palettes but it definitely better pigmented than the rest. 

HADIYA – a true, copper, shimmery shade. I find it beautiful and is in use a lot. 

BERBER – so, short said, this shade is just woooow. Together with Chefchaouen, it’s one of my favorites. Its pigmentation is brutal and if you apply it in two layers it looks awesome, like the beautiful blue sea. 

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NOMAD – a perfect shade that goes hand-in-hand with Zohra shade and together they create the most beautiful fall makeup look. It’s a shimmer shade which flows into something between red and orange. 

CHEFCHAOUEN – shimmer/metallic mint green shade. This shade reminds me of my first pigment back in my high school days and with it are connected my first tries in doing my makeup and this is why this one could be the most favorite in this whole palette. Most of the time I apply it to the inner corner of my eye to highlight and it lifts any look I combine. 

 FEZ – is the first of 3 matte shades. This is one of the shades I love and I could easily use it daily without ever being tired of it. Dark, maybe even a very simple brown, but I find it very good to enhance the color on the outer part of my eye. To some of you, it will be boring, but to the true lovers of brown shades (like me), it will be ideal. It’s soft under my fingers, somehow buttery, it’s easy to apply, to blend and it doesn’t crumble. 

ZOHRA – another true fall shade for which I said it goes perfectly with the Nomad shade. In the palette, it looks different than when I apply it on my arm or my eyelids. This is a true burgundy shade. It’s also matte like the Fez shade, but it’s much harder under my fingers, it’s easy to apply but it’s also very easy on the crumbling side. 

TAZA – this is the last matte shade, it’s brick-like, matte brown color. It reminds me a lot on one of to me very dear shades from the InglotXJLO collection. Again, it’s easy to apply and to blend without it crumbling. 

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This is one of my favorite palettes, although I say that for almost each of the palettes I own. But I just can’t help it to have really a lot of favorites in that area and I also try to rotate a different one each week so they all get the same amount of love. To some of you this palette may seem like a problem because it only contains 3 matte shades, but they are enough for me and also are bases for all my looks. After I apply them I choose a shimmer shade in color I would like to wear for that day. These matte shades are very good pigmented, they easy to blend and they last through the whole day.  The shimmer shades, like I already mentioned are best applied with your fingers to get the highest effect possible. If not, you can also use the Mac Fix + or like me, some glitter glue. 

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For someone that likes warm shades and tones and wears them every day this palette is a top buy with its quality and price. To me, this is a total treat of the “it” Juvia’s Place brand.

Juvia’s Place brand, you get another A from me!

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And so we bring story about another Juvia’s palette to the end. Soon I have another review of one of their palette’s and until then, if you’re interested, you can also read a review of their The Magic palette. 

How do you like this palette? Have you already tried the Juvia’s brand?


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