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Juvias Place is an indie-make-up brand that got famous in a record time period and it is known for its beautiful, highly pigmented eyeshadows. The founder of this brand is Chichi Eburu, a Nigerian woman who was frustrated with most of the palettes on the market being very low pigmented on darker tanned skin. Because of that fact, she created a perfect formula of the eye shadows which are extra pigmented and each of the palettes was inspired by the African culture and art.

Lately, I’ve been seeing some debates on YouTube surrounding this brand but I wouldn’t like to get too much into them. I’ve tried really, a lot of eyeshadows from many different brands in the last few years and Juvial Place is definitely one of my top 3 and I think these palettes are the ones I use the most.

Since the Magic palette was the one I bought first, I decided to write a review about it and I also hope that soon the reviews for the others will follow.

You can buy this palette on the BeautyBay page for the price of 30£. You can also order it over Juvias Place official web page for the current price of 25$ but you will have to pay high shipping costs for it. And you also risk paying the customs costs.
This palette comes in a cardboard box and it’s also wrapped in that bubble wrapping so you don’t have to be afraid it will get damaged during transport.
This palette was inspired by the Sun and Moon Goddess and all the palettes have these beautiful cardboard packagings.
On the inside of this palette there is no mirror which is ok to me because I rarely use those anyway.

This palette contains 16 eyeshadows which of 6 are matte and the rest are shimmer or metallic. Matte eyeshadows seem a bit hard to touch and lower pigmented than the shimmer ones which are buttery, soft and extra high in level of pigmentation. But, don’t be thinking how the matte eyeshadows aren’t pigmented, because they are, but when I make a comparison within this palette, then they are a bit less pigmented than the shimmery ones. The matte eyeshadows can be upgraded when the pigmentation in question is and this is how you can get various shades from one color, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

I’ve decided on describing each of the colors because they’re really special. First two rows are warm shades, while the last two rows are cold shades and in my opinion, this is a great balance for a palette.

NUBIA is a metallic-golden shade and I definitely don’t have anything like it in my collection so far, although I have a lot of golden eye shadows, but this is one of my favorite. To touch it seems really creamy, but then again it really isn’t that much. Its pigmentation is something just perfect, I don’t think they could’ve done it more perfectly than they did. You can also use it as eye-liner. For example, I apply white gel liner first and then cover it with this shade and it looks perfect.

ZAKYA is a true matte, brick-like shade. Its pigmentation comes out the most when you apply it with a brush. Under your fingers it will feel a bit harder, which is a trait of all the matte shades in this palette. So, they’re not soft or buttery like the shimmery/metallic shades.
With the combination of Zakya, Kogi and Nana you can combine a perfect look if you prefer only matte eyeshadows.

OSUN is, like the first shade Nubia, very soft, maybe even a bit more than the first one. It’s a beautiful shimmer shade, almost metallic. This beautiful pink shade is really high pigmented and it really catches the eye when you’re doing the cut crease or if you’re using it as a highlight under your brow.

KESI is one shade I’m using with most of my looks if I’m setting my eyes after the base applying. It evens out my eye lid even more. It’s completely matte, soft, its texture is much better than the one of Zakya and it really is high in pigmentation level for such a light color.

ZUBA is a duo-chrome shade, pink with a golden shimmer. To me it’s even more beautiful than the Osun color because it has this golden-peachy shimmer in it. I’s pigmentation level is simply brutal, soft and buttery. You can also use glitter glue under it or spray the brush with the Mac Fix+ for even stronger and better effect.

NANA is a matte, orange-brown shade, maybe even one of my favorites. I could literally use it every day and in each of my looks because I think that these kind of warm shades go best with my skin tan.

BORONU is a metallic-copper-golden shade which, I think, goes wonderfully in the combination with Nana shade.

KOGI is a reddish matte shade. They say how the red shades are the hardest to make, but in my book, this one is a complete success. It’s easy to upgrade and to blend so you can make it either strong red or a lighter red shade. It all depends what you prefer.

FASO is a duo-chrome, purple shade that actually shimmers into blue. I’m not really a big fan of purple shades, but I think this one is special and it’s a true refreshment. I don’t have nothing alike in my collection.

AJA is a dark green, metallic shade. To me it’s somehow too dark and I think I might have used it only once. It’s a lot harder that the rest of the metallic shades in this palette and I just can’t make it work with any of my combinations.

VAI is a grey metallic shade. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve loved these grey-silverish shades, no matter I’m positive they don’t go with my tan color, but what does that matter? I find it really great that they put two of the grey shades into this palette, Vai as the darker one and to me, pretty unique, and then there is the lighter Yemoja shade right next to it.

YEMOJA is, like I wrote earlier, light metallic shade. Those two shades are to me simply beautiful and I like to use them under my lower eyelashes and I also sometimes use them as eye liner.

IFE is a darker purple matte shade. It’s not really pigmented but you can upgrade it easily.

YARA is a metallic-turquoise shade. With all the shades, to me this one is also unique and beautiful. It also contains golden shimmer.

BUZO is a metallic green shade, also containing golden shimmer. Same like Yara, this shade is also highly pigmented and this is something I really like about this palette.

YEJIDE is the last within the matte shades, it’s a dark-blue shade. With its texture is similar to the Purple Ife, but it’s much easier to work with.

Before I apply any of the eyeshadows, first I use the primer, so I don’t have any problems with the lasting of any of them and they stay put from the moment I apply them until I take them off and it’s like this with most of the eyeshadows I use.

Personally, this palette is a true refreshment and at first, it might seem like it’s hard to combine a look with it, but you would really be wrong thinking that. You can do your everyday looks with it, you can experiment with colors if you’re not afraid to do so. What I think is great about this palette is that I really love to wear these metallic colors also as eye-liner on everyday basis.

This two look were don with Magic palette and I hope you like them 🙂

So, to wrap it up; I give this palette a true A and after I tried this one I bought two other Juvias palettes which I’m hoping to present in another post, and it would be a small thing to say I want another two palettes of this brand, but it will have to wait, at least for a while more.

Has anyone among you tried the Juvias Place palettes? How do you like the shades in this palette?



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